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Hello CPAC readers,

As many of you know, I’m the Head of Small-Medium Army Central, the outspoken source for small and medium army news. SMAC is partnered with CPAC so I find it completely valid to advertise a new SMAC sponsored project on our affiliate site.

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The Road To Major #1: Golden Troops

As of May 20th, the Golden Troops were only ranked as 4th in our own Medium Top Ten. But how much longer will SMAC still be hearing from our GT friends? Continue reading

CPAC 25 Most Influential: 19-25

In a surprise decision, the first seven most influential people and the five runner-ups will be named today. To clarify, this is for the period of last Summer to this Summer. Continue reading

The Unfrozen Freezers


Yep, Your right! Randomperson123 here again, to bring you another report on a fastly rising army. This army is hot, which is causing them to unfreeze! That’s right, this army is Freezer Warriors.

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Sweet Sixteen Summer Tournament


Hello CPAC viewers, on this post I will be hosting a tournament. The last tournament we had was held in March which was the Springs, “Champion Cup”. The tournament will be a double elimination bracket. Since the summer is to us, we will have almost the whole week to ourselves.




Due to the collapse of many armies, causing many edits to this post before this was posted to the site, any army that dies will give the opponent a “bye”.

Check the read more for more information about the tournament.

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The CP Army Guidebook- Help Contribute!

Edit: Funks, you’re still on the site, so if you want to help me out with writing you can just do it on the dashboard. 😉

The CP Army Guidebook project has been launched, and we’re in need of contributors to help with the project. Continue reading

Light Troops Declare War on Army of Club Penguin

LT, who recently had a big leap in the top ten to the number one spot, have declared war on ACP, who are right below them at number two.  What will become of this war?  Who will win?

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