Note: Before you say “NONONONO DON’T RETIRE” Read the gosh darn post.

Hello and for the last time.
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Ninjas- Recent Rise

Hello CPAC Readers,

In recent weeks, the Club Penguin Ninjas have risen significantly.

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DCP Scandal – Resolved

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Top Ten Armies: 27/02/12

In an amazing week for armies, the push for a top ten place has increased with low placings for a lot of armies exceptions but great improvements for others.

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GD lose to S.W.A.T and lose Outback

Tomato 8883: I added a read more.

Yesterday, S.W.A.T demolished GD in the battle for outback. This is how the battle went: Continue reading

Are We Too Frightening?

If you were living under a rock, you should have known the two incidents that happened to CPAC last month:

The LT Revolt and Wwe’s Hacking of CPAC.

(Note that DCP’s Scandal is vague at some perspectives such as mine)

After the Golden Ages has ended, we’ve been revolutionized and changed. A lot. Since then, we have been turning a friendly game into a barbaric, threatening war. Less soldiers are joining armies that allow swearing and things that shouldn’t even be done in teenhood (or childhood). We even forget that we’re dealing with an outside-of-CP game.

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The DCP Scandal

Bluesockwa2: It seems Wwe retired, and has now unretired? If he has retired, punishments against DCP will be voided.

Kingfunks4: I have added a poll to the bottom of the post and will ask all top ten leaders (including LT) if DCP should be banned. You may comment on the post for this.

Hello CPAC,

On the night of Feb. 25-26, Wwebestfan was suspended because of actions falling under the Anti-Hacking Bill. DCP has revolted by no longer following the AHB and CPAC. I have made a response to the following actions HERE. If you can not view it there, than here is what I’ve said (note because I created this content, there will be no need to source it. It will end at the word “post”.):  Continue reading