Ignoring an Invasion

Note: And then I got too lazy to post on CPAC for what seems to be a few weeks/months.

For what seems to be the past month I was in China on vacation with my family. Now I’m not about to tell you that it was all that fun and all, but China banned most social networking sites that have downtalked them once upon a time in the past such as YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress. That was combined with the overall lag of my dad’s laptop that caused the laptop to refuse to let me log on to Xat and WordPress. I told Funks about this, but that seemed to have no use because I got another warning for not posting. If a lack of posts from myself has disappointed you and/or angered you in any way, I’m not sorry. 

Before I get too far of myself here, I’d like to remind you that this post isn’t about my glorious adventures in China (But if you want to hear about them, I’ll write about it in my next post ^.^). If already you’ve forgotten what it’s really about, then refer to the title. Continue reading


Army in Focus: Dark Warriors

The mighty Dark Warriors have returned once again to the top ten.

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Top Ten Armies: 30/01/12

IMPORTANT: Need to see Ajman within the next 6 days

The top ten armies have now moved to Mondays to accommodate the weekend events. Click ‘Read More’ to view this weeks top ten.

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Nachos and ACP: The War so Far

The Nachos/ACP war has raged for a week now, so here’s a quick wrap-up of what has happened so far. Note: This is based off of information from both armies’ sites, some of which is conflicting. I have tried to make it as accurate as possible.

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Controversy Brewing Over Fjord Showdown

Blue2: Blue, henceforth, please include battle pictures in battle posts.

The Nachos and ACP battled it out on Fjord yesterday, at the turning point of this war. However, there’s just one problem: neither army admits defeat. The debate rages as to who won: Nachos or ACP? Only time will tell in this Fjord showdown…… Continue reading

Xat Chats Bought

I’m making this post in case there are other chats that had this issue. Xat had a glitch that allowed users to buy a chat that was active. One of the chats that was bought was ‘theacp’. If this has happened to your chat, contact xat support at . If your chat has been bought, comment below with your new temporary chat and I’ll post it on this post.

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Nachos and ACP Battle for Abominable

Tempahh – In my defence it is obvious ACP won this, no I am not bias, I fought for the Nachos on Fjord, Funks is not bias, I posted this because Nachos winning on Fjord was taken. I repeat, I am NOT bias towards ACP, it’s Nachos > ACP for me anyway, it’s just obvious ACP won.

Blue2: Tempahh, in the future, please report just the news and only declare a winner if the armies agreed on who won. Your opinion has no place in a battle post, especially not in the title. On that note, I have retitled this post.

In the war that rages on, the ACP attempted to invade the Nacho stronghold Abominable after capturing White House earlier on. Riding on a wave of confidence against a seemingly weak Nacho Force could ACP beat the Nachos and prove they deserve the number 1 spot?

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