Site Reformation.

Blue2: Thanks Tomb, I had asked Poch to do this, and I’m glad to see your helping as well. Also, I had been planning some Halloween stuff, but Funks beat me to it :D. I will also have some slightly less interesting site improvements coming soon.

P.S.: I call the Halloween post.:p I’ve been doing holiday posts on the site for a while, so I’ll be continuing the tradition.

Deli: Ready for SS

Kingfunks4: Thanks so much tomb, it looks epic.

Tomb: I hope you like the new halloween themed site 🙂 **Header coming soon!**

The site will be preparing for Halloween this weekend, so the site will be all “Halloweenish” this weekend and throughout October. Click “Read More” for more information…

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Are we too Closed Minded?

Hey guys,


  1. Read directions
  2. Think first one is dumb
  3. Prepare to read post
  4. Think about why you followed the first 4
  5. Click “read more”

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Armies That Should NEVER Be Recreated: Part I

Hey Everyone. I know I am the CPAC Graphics Designer, but an important topic has come to my mind. What is this topic? Well if you read the title before reading this you would know.

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The Struggle to Be Number One

Here is an in-depth look at the struggle all armies face: the Top Ten. A struggle to be on top, a struggle to be the best it can be. This has plagued armies since the beginning of CPAC’s Top Ten, but is the struggle worth it? Only a few armies, being ACP, Nachos, IW, GT, and NW have ever achieved number one in the Top Ten. Is it truly something an army should focus most of their time on, or should they simply focus on becoming the best army they can be?

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Top Ten Armies – 28/09/11 // Round One Time REMINDERS!

Sorry for the slightly late top ten due to confusion among the CPAC Staff. The top ten will go back to the old format and you can decide if the old format is better. Just comment on this post saying if you like the Old (now new) format compared to the one we did during the 2011 summer.

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The Three Way Battle Across the Top Ten: Light Troops, Ice Warriors, and Ninjas

Hi guys, Kooldude247 is bringing you report! Today’s report is about a three-way Practice Battle between the 2nd place Ice Warriors, 5th place Light Troops, and the 9th placed Ninjas. It should be an intense battle, although a lot of battles are overrated before they happen, or fall short. Let’s analyze this battle to check out the possibilities of what outcome may take place. Continue reading

Blizzard Warriors Claim Light Troops Cheated in a Practice Battle

Yesterday, BW and LT had a pretty good practice battle, but both armies have gotten into an argument.

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