TG vs. IV: Invasion of Snow Drift Results

On January 30, 2011, IV invaded Snow Drift, which belonged to TG. Click “Read More” to view the results of this battle.

Let’s take a look at some pictures, which were taken from both the IV and TG websites. Before we begin, who claimed to win?

TG’s say on the defense:

Well today we, Team Gold, successfully defended the server Snow Drift from the Ice Vikings.  It was a great battle.  TG had pretty good numbers.  The reasons we won are that IV logged off early, giving us time to reclaim most of the rooms.  Another reason is that IV spied as well.

IV’s opinion:

we won, it was a hard fought battle very very close battle, it also wwould have helped if people showed up! we didnt even get a full chat till 10 minutes into the battle, and almost no one was on the chat 30 minutes before, guys come on! we still had like 18 but STILL, a lot of people didnt come, and most didnt even come till right when the battle started. we were outnumbered 15-8 right before it started. We need work on getting more on faster.

We Log on to snow Drift 1 Hour 30 Minutes before the battle we had 18-25, we were very large then like 10 red bots ccame and started spamming and attacking us, we shrunk to 10-15 so we moved to snow globe, recruited at snow globe for about 20 mins with 10-20, then we found out that the bots had left so we returned to snow drift with 8-10. we stayed at 8-10 for like 20 minutes, then we started to grow, and the battle started.

As you can see, both armies disagree on who successfully claimed/defended Snow Drift. Of course, only one army can win, unless it’s a tie. Now, I will show you some pictures of the invasion:

IV claims the Plaza:

TG reclaims the Plaza:

IV claims the Snow Forts:

TG reclaims the Snow Forts:

IV claims the Dock:

And TG defends the Dock:

IV claims the Ice Berg:

(TG has no record of them reclaiming the Ice Berg)

The Beach is claimed by IV:

And TG defends the Beach:

IV claims the Ice Rink:

(TG does not have any pictures of them reclaiming the Ice Rink)

For more pictures…



As you can see, most of the rooms claimed by IV were reclaimed or defended by TG. Their size was close, but TG has more soldiers than IV.

If you’re wondering why IV isn’t in the pictures of TG reclaiming the rooms, that’s because TG reclaimed all of the rooms after IV logged off, some when they left the room.

The Ice Rink and Ice Berg were claimed by IV without TG coming back and reclaiming the rooms. I cannot decide who won, but I would like to see everyone’s opinion.


50 Responses

  1. The Ice Vikings won. The end.

  2. lolwut

  3. I won.

  4. So basically, TG say they win because they didn’t fight IV.

    IV won the battle.

    Deal with it.

  5. IV won. That’s all I gotta say.

  6. Problem is some of Tgs pics are AFTER the 1 hour time limit (oops TG).

  7. Also When TG defended the Beach and A TON of other places Iv had already Claimed it ,so how is defending possible they HAVE TO RECLAIM the room not defend it.

  8. No IV left early, giving us time to reclaim.

  9. IV won monsieur.

  10. By saying you had to reclaim, you are admitting IV won the rooms when they fought you.

    Therefore, without these stupid technicalities, IV actually won the BATTLE between the two sides.

  11. D0 Y0U SP34K 1337 L1K3 M3?!11?!!!1?!!?!

  12. IV won.

  13. Pie won. ;D

  14. Ice Vikings won end of conversation it was close but even the evidence of cpac says IV clearly won so TG stop being sour losers and admit the truth

  15. Ok being I am neutral in this battle here is my understanding of this: You can’t reclaim rooms after another army logs off and successfully claims 5 rooms. In that case, if IV claimed 5 rooms and logged off, then TG can’t reclaim. TG can reclaim if IV didn’t claim 5 rooms (being the battle is not over)

  16. IV won : D

  17. Iv won

  18. IV won. Teh Pie just said what I was gonna say D:

  19. IV Won.

  20. Iv one, and TG, that no spying bull is off limits for you.

  21. 1st no one said it 🙂

  22. IV definitely won. If TG had to pull the spying card, then it’s obvious that they know they lost.

  23. I love how all of the comments say IV Won yet the score is 17 to 20 in IV’s favor.

  24. Have a time limit. Nothing after the time limit counts.

  25. we logged off 10 minutes before, only giving them the possiblity to reclaim 2 of the 8 we claimed.

  26. 10 minutes before the new hour**

  27. Half of CPAC’s RSS feed is down, you can’t use “.com” or else it won’t work, you have to link the original “” Domain

  28. I don’t get it. If you can reclaim rooms again and again then how can some one ever win?

  29. Must.. Be green.. With envy….

  30. What can we say, there’s a lot of stupid people on CPAC.

    Seriously, how can you disagree with 2 Legends and like 5 Intellectuals in favor of the two or three people commenting that TG won?

  31. IV ran room from room. They spent 3 minutes in each room.

  32. Heh. When was there the 5 minute in each room rule?

  33. Broken=!@#

  34. This is the noobest thing I’ve ever seen. You say that IV didn’t claim the rooms because they were there for 3 minutes when they were supposed too be there for 5 each and then you say that the rule never existed too save TG’s butt? Biased much.

  35. Joe won

  36. Heh, When was there the rule where when the attacking army logs off yoou can continue to ‘fight’

  37. Okay just a couple things..
    1. For some reason when I scroll down about halfway through the site it glitches/freezes and its not just me its everyone. I’d try fixing that I cant read full posts anymore… Also someone needs to post on Claiming Rooms whether it even matters. My oppinion claiming is stupid and ruins the battle because armies cant be honest anymore. An army only claims if the other has a definate retreat :P. Just an idea to post about.

  38. Also, Nachos are holding a Packers team vs Steelers team battle Saturday. for details… Mind posting this? We want it to be HUGE.

  39. Mmm interesting :mrgreen:

  40. Last time AR had a battle with IV, there was A LOT of spying on their part. Though it seems they won this time, they should be reprimanded for their breaking of the rules.

  41. IV won.Reclaim a rule means you lost that fight and have to reclaim it while IV claimed 8 rooms

  42. IV WON end of story

  43. No, Team Gold won. The end.

  44. STFU

  45. LOLWUT your still yelling at us. Since when does warfare have rules???!

  46. It shouldn’t be a rule.

  47. im not gonna say how i thimk won but we it said IV claimed a room TG had more people in it…… just saying

  48. Apparently size means nothing, just conieving dumbasses who go through rooms without anyone knowing, and N00bs who no nothing about CPA warfare, I’m not even in TG, and I can clearly see the winner, TG.

  49. You clearly hate IV, even if you aren’t in TG (I haven’t checked), you called them “conieving dumbasses” and “noobs who know nothing about CP warfare”.

    Therefore your comment does not deserve to be listened to.

    If you don’t hate IV and that is just the way you talk and have opinions on battles, you DEFINITELY don’t deserve to be listened to.

    Also, you are completely wrong.

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