Re-evaluation Polls

Well, since we’re starting the CPAC Re-evaluation Project and everything is being reset, cleaned up, etc. I need your opinions. First, I’d like to update all pages except for the Servers page, and that’s a different issue altogether. So, here’s a poll asking you if you to keep the pages. After the votes, there will be another series of updates.

Also, even though the strikes are cleared, I still think we should implement the posting schedule, to make sure we get two posts a day, no more, no less. So, unless Skloop tells me not to implement it, her’es the new posting schedule.

Monday: Kingsfunks, Etac
Tuesday: Emperer, Buritodaily
Wednesday: Person, Zakdude
Thursday: Kidking, Bri
Friday: Lorenzo, Trickster
Saturday: Kj Bulldogs, Becca
Sunday: Artic, Person, Emperer (three posts)

If you don’t feel comfortable (Emperer, Person) with your day, comment here within a few days of this post. Also, please don’t post outside of your day, since I think everyone deserves a fair chance to post. Also, if you cannot post on your assigned day, work on your post when you’re free and publish it on your day. Remember, we will be judging for quality within the next three weeks which includes post content, depth, grammar, etc.

Power to the People
Note: Zoo, I still have your prize from the last raffle 😕


37 Responses

  1. 1st 🙂

  2. 2nd (even though I dont really care)

  3. Hello

  4. 4th

  5. (slaps head) We’ve gone over this before. Thursday is NOT a good day for me. Sunday is the best day, as I am always free.

  6. I have a question when’s the next raffle?

  7. As is everyone.

  8. Wait I thought Andre was fired for being too “shady”?

  9. Mchappy likes men

  10. So have a post drafted and tell Playa to publish it on your day.

  11. One of the most idiotic comments ever… If you are being sarcastic.. nice job..

  12. And isn’t Bri an author too? Unless I missed something…

  13. I have a problem with my day, unless I can post the results for weekend events on Tuesday.

    By the way, I posted this morning (before you made this post…I’m pretty sure), because I assumed the posting schedules were taken away.

    And can today’s post I made count for the post I was supposed to do this week, since I don’t think I can post again..I’m sorta busy.

  14. Exactly.

  15. I’ll switch you to Monday. And yeah, it can count.

  16. I can’t wait for sunday if pern and emp are both posting

  17. Ty GP ❤

  18. awh a thursday.

  19. So I make three posts every Sunday?

  20. Idk it’s kinda weird. I made a post saying that the viewers were simple minded and easy to manipulate and people loved it.

  21. No, he’s saying that usually there are two people scheduled each day, but on Sunday, he assigns 3 people to post.

  22. No, I meant there will be three posts on Sunday. 😛

  23. I dunno why I’m commenting if I have nothing to say *wary*

  24. i feel comfortable posting saturday. a huge post about leadership is coming up…aiming to exceed 2k words.

  25. Of course you don’t.

  26. Oh goodness.

  27. Keep most of em

  28. I don’t care how many words it is, I care about the quality.

  29. And if its bad Playa will om nom nom your soul.

  30. 2000 words? This means my next post has to be OVER NINE THOUSAND WORDS!

  31. Playa man we need to talk

  32. Ik, but Wednesdays are bad.


  34. dude today is wednesday and i didnt even start a post

    I hope you like a quick fire POV…

  35. is hosting the biggest army tournament of all time. be sure to come

  36. Not 2k words D:

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