The Invisible Tactic


Spying has been with Club Penguin armies since the beginning, and has become an even larger part of armies  through the  introduction of Xat chats. Spying used to be such a large part of Club Penguin armies, that armies would have entire branches dedicated to it. This tactic is the tactic that brings fairness to battles between unequal armies. It grants success to the more intelligent army who uses the information gathered from spying to their advantage. Spying levels the playing field in Club Penguin armies, yet it is being exterminated by quivering armies who are afraid of being “violated” by spying…

Recently, along with the standard rule of “no bots,” the rule of “NO SPYING” has been showing up as a rule. PERSONally, I believe that NO MAN/WOMAN/GIRAFFE has the RIGHT to tell an army that they will lose a battle if one of their troops commit the act of “spying.” Telling an army that they can not spy should be a violation of the rights that every member of Club Penguin armies has. Why is making a rule like this ludicrous?

First of all, ensuring that your chat is not FILLED with enemy troops who are there to send information to the opposing army, used to be the COMPLETE responsibility of the owners and moderators of the chat. Are armies really getting so lazy that they can’t hire responsible enough mods to guest/ban spies? It is my belief that the “no spying” rule was originally created out of laziness and fear. It is the easy way out from keeping your chat free of spies who could ruin your whole battle

When I was the Nacho leader in 2009, I had a checklist of things to do prior to a battle. One of those things was to look at every member on the chat, look at every member on the enemy chat, and check for IDs that were similar. Throughout the battle, I would pay attention to new arrivals on chat, and compare them with the enemy chat. I was able to do this and lead my Nachos to victory. When spying is eliminated from Club Penguin armies, leaders who can multitask under pressure become not nearly as important as leaders who are “nice” and “care about the troops”. This creates leaders who are less than efficient and create armies that lack intelligence and discipline. Spying, however, helps to create vigilant leaders who can determine a spy from an honest new troop, and these leaders create better armies. Thus, we can conclude that since having a lot of large and successful armies creates more efficient competition, then spying creates competition simply by existing.

Keeping your chat spy-free may seem tedious to the lazy and leaders of feckless goals, but successful armies used to be created by the intelligent leaders who went to the highest measures to ensure their army success. Taking out spying can lead to the destroying of other necessary components of Club Penguin armies, that used to determine a successful army. The more armies that are created with lazy and uncaring leaders, the more armies that will head down the path of misery. This path of misery is not limited to the army who started it, because it brings other armies down with it. Laziness IS contagious, and with more laziness, competition between armies will decrease.

Not only does spying itself cause competition, but the absence of spying creates leaders who develop inadequate armies, creating insufficient competition. You may think that a lack of competition would create peace. However, armies will begin to desperately seek war to fill the void of sufficient competition.  As armies begin this desperate search for war, flame wars begin out of the smallest things. Does this seem familiar to events currently happening?

Second of all, accusing another army of spying is a complete joke. There is no way to determine how vigilantly a user was relaying information between two chats, and there is also no way that the army that is accused of spying would accept defeat because ONE of their troops was on the enemy chat. If a long and hard battle was fought, no army will throw that all away because one troop was accused of spying. What is so wrong about doing everything in your power to stop the opposing army, without hacking?

A perfect example of this is with the recent Invasion of Fjord by the Orange Alliance. The Orange Alliance accused the Nachos of spying because Pie1530 was on DCP chat. However, the Nachos clearly had the advantage for the battle(Biased? See if I care…). The Orange Alliance claims that the Nachos only won because they knew what the Orange Alliance’s commands were going to be. My only problem with this, is why Pie1530 was not banned from the Doritos’ chat? IF the army knew there was a spy, why did they not ban them? Spying would not have been a problem if the army was VIGILANT. The “no spying” rule would give an automatic victory to the weaker and less-deserving army, who were obviously lacking in any form of intelligence.

The problem with enforcing the “no spying” is rule is simply… “HOW DO YOU DO IT?” A good spy is not going to be caught, and the only thing that the “no spying” rule creates is an excuse. Armies can freely accuse their opponents of spying in order to get the easy win in a hard battle. To conclude, the process of accusing another army is completely flawed, and can also be abused. Let’s say that Troop A is from Army A, and Troop B is from Army B. Troop A will change their name to Troop B, and take a picture of them on Troop A’s chat. Suddenly, Army A has evidence against Army B of spying! This rule is so easily manipulated and damaging to Club Penguin that I am ashamed of the pathetic man who created such a rule.

Third and finally, spying may be considered dishonest, but there is nothing morally wrong about it. I will admit that I was one of the biggest Nacho spies during my leadership. At one point, I even broadcasted ACP chat via Livestream during a battle! Not only did I spy on my enemy, but I commanded my troops against them. I do not mean to brag at all, but do you recall the size of the Nachos during my leadership? If you don’t, they were BIG. Leaders who can keep spies off of chat tend to be more successful and intelligent than the leaders of the new generation, who generally don’t have to worry about spies. This would explain the immaturity and stupidity of the newer major armies.

My logic may be a bit of a stretch in some cases, but I hope that it helped portray what my message is with this post. Re-introducing spying as a major part of warfare can be what armies need. It can be what will satisfy the thirst that armies have for more war with less flame. More spies means a smarter army community as a whole and closer battles. Armies can grow, become successful, and create more wars based on what wars used to be based on. SERVERS and POINTLESS WAR.

I hope that based on my logic, you can see the spying NEEDS to be re-introduced to Club Penguin armies. Go and create branches of your army that are dedicated to spying. The future of Club Penguin armies not only rely on the acts of today, but the limitations we put on ourselves. Once we release our own inhibitors, our true potential is unleashed. I leave you with this message:

Stop sharing servers, begin spying, and risk it all. This is how armies realize their true potential.


PS: I am sorry if I’m supposed to be a reporter for CPAC, but this topic is something that I have a lot of passion about, and knew I could write a 1,344 word post on.


53 Responses

  1. Please flame. This post is all about my theory, which is up for debate.

  2. since CPAC is horribley laggy, com/watch?v=nEpy0znKHWs


    There’s your flame 🙂

  4. I blame the two moving banners over der >>>

  5. Good post pornson

  6. My master, the shaft awaits his commands.

    Nice post, I lol’d at DCP. Why DIDN’T they ban jim? Clear stupidity. *ONO*


  7. **Ban HIM

  8. During the Legends Cup it was a MAJOR pain in the ass.

    It was eppitomised in one particular battle where it was an issue (out of about 8).

    Shimmys army was against the far stronger army who’s name I can’t remember, so I’ll call them The Oranges. The oranges had around 10 on CP, a good size in thr first round, which was made up of small armies.

    Shimmys army litterally had one person, Shimmy.

    After half an hour of The Oranges pummeling Shimmy, and Shimmy running around doing cake emotes, I declared The Oranges the victors.

    BUT, Shimmy started flaming and shouting that he won because; A) He had better tactics (lol) and B) The Oranges were spying.

    After two days of his complaining, and The Oranges denying, I temp blocked him from the CPAC site and ignored his Pcs, and continued the competition.


  9. xD This little story made me laugh. :mrgreen:

  10. The “No Spying” rule is enforced by armies such as “DCP” and “TG”. It shouldn’t even be a rule. Spying can improve your chances of winning a war so why the hell not do it? And Brandon is pretty dumb for not banning Pie. xD I mean come on? Common Sense?

  11. SSACP has no value nowadays… It used to be a great part of the ACP now its just a site with low views (as far as I know). BRING BACK SPYING 😀 .

  12. Ha ha hes a historian kinda he even admitted it!

  13. Almost everyone else had much worse applications.

    Yes, including yours.

  14. Person, I will not flame about this post being “biased” because you have every right to be biased if one army deserves it.

  15. Person rocks

  16. lol


  18. I find it funny how we like to use real army vocabulary in our cp armies. For example we don’t quit cp armies we “retire”, and we don’t spam emotions we “bomb” them.

    Those words are all part of war and we try to follow it. Yet, for some reason “spying” is just going to far? Correct me if I am wrong but, during wars don’t countries send spyies to their enemy?

    If spying is just not part of cp armies, then the ONLY time spying should MAYBE result in a DQ, is if the spy is a owner/mod rank of another army. I would guess over half of the “spying” that goes around chats is just a couple of noobs thinking that if they spy they will get a “promotion” if they spy. It seems now the LAST thing they will get is a promotion.

    Also, now some armies are starting to only member their troops or new recruits. If we all did this then we would have no excuse for “spying”.

  19. Spying just makes armies that much more fun. Really, you can’t accuse an army of sending a soldier to spy, because even if they didn’t, there’s always going to be a couple of extremely loyal soldiers that take it upon theirselves to go on to the enemies chat and relay information to the army, whether someone has asked them to do it or not.

    I like spying. It gives armies a feel of secrecy, an almost feel of realistic warfare. The SSACP (a sort of branch of the ACP that spied on enemies for them while being it’s own army at the same time) was a great thing. It gave the ACP the ability to spy on armies, either during war or at peacetime, and it gave you an important feeling if something came up. If an unknown army attacked one of ACP’s servers, the SSACP would be in charge of finding as much information as possible about that army and attempt to infiltitrate their chat and use their website against them.

    Quite honestly, I believe spying in battle does not have as much as an effect as people make it out to be. Sure, you will know that the army you’re fighting is about to charge you, but does that make a difference if your army is not capable of fighting it off and winning? No.

  20. Ikr, everywhere i see it i get lag.

  21. “…NO MAN/WOMAN/GIRAFFE has the RIGHT to tell an army that they will lose a battle if one of their troops commit the act of spying.”

    Yep, only Liger’s should be able to.

  22. The only time I like the no spying rule is when a larger army fights the army im with. Then, I can guarantee some noob will just walk on me chat and disqualify the other army.

  23. You forgot C) Shimmy’s army had the size advantage

  24. The only reason “NO SPYING” came up because the spies started changing their name and ID just to spy.
    I guess people went paranoid and banned the entire chat.

  25. Thats an extremely long post.. looks good tho 😛

  26. Why do you put quotations around everything “Like this”?

  27. Spying is enjoyable for the spies, but it is horrible to those leaders who have to deal with it. Right now, spying is being commited by mostly noobs. The SSACP is just a short, little branch of the ACP. In my OPINION, I think it is absolutely useless until the rule is provoked.

    I know I am an ACP Field Marshall, but it is simply my OPINION, nothing to take too seriously. I find it not really apart of ACP because the leader of SSACP is not authored on the actual ACP website like the ACPTR leader is and no one really is in it.

    Person1233 is always funny.. thats why he had to add his own PERSONal touch to Men, women, and giraffes reading it! 😀

  28. Better read Boomer 20’s final retirement post from ACP… It’s like bazilion times bigger xD

  29. That’s what I did, check the id’s on my chat an the enemy chat to see who’s spying or not…if I caught them I booted them to clubgay (:

    ~ Trickster

  30. I agree. You don’t like that an enemy troops is on your chat? Well then BAN THEM for heaven’s sake.

    The “no-spying” is only enforced by cowardly sensitive idiots who can’t multi-task. I could name a few off the top of my head: Alfrondo, Brandon, Wwe, Alfrondo, and Wwe.

  31. The DCP leadership x2?

  32. How are you supposed to ban people who change their ID and name just to go on a chat?

  33. That’s where you get to know your troops.

  34. I think that’s a little hard to do for ACP

  35. …as a rule. PERSONally, I believe that…


  36. I know a guy.

  37. Spying is just for fun. No one cares. Who cares who spies? It’s not like spies are physics 🙄

  38. Who cares if people spy, it’s not like they can listen to a person’s mind of what’s going on. And you SERIOUSLY don’t want to listen to the wrong person’s thoughts. Example: Random person says, “Mhmmm, wat’s dat puffy, you want a bagelz?”

  39. Homo

  40. “At one point, I even broadcasted ACP chat via Livestream during a battle!”
    Good Idea… I should do that *wary*

  41. Awesome post.

  42. Lol, I want to join Shimmy’s army.

    I bet his two actions as leader were the Legend’s Cup and Declaring War on ACP.

  43. I remember in the RG/NGA days I’d send people to the ACP Ranks to change their name to ACP Corprals and stuff and they could just sit around there all day.

  44. though I myself once used the no spying rule, this article made me ashamed of my former self. good job.

  45. I have to be the only one that doesn’t find that funny.

    Maybe an lol, but I don’t know about an exclamation marked lmao.

    Oh well.

  46. to be honest thats probably why half of TG and DCP have won there battles because of saying “They were spying on our chat we have proof” If they HAD proof i would just say “BRING IT ON”

  47. Sucks to be ACP, then.

  48. Saying Spying is inhumane or indecent is illogical.

    So an army can go out and commit genocide of a bunch of small armies and no one cares. But if that army sends a guy to your chat… No, that’s just mean and cruel.

  49. Armies who cry about being spied on are just upset ’cause they were too stupid to even attempt to prevent it.

  50. Thats why i do the Help Page. They ask questions i answer them 😕

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