KidKing here, with a generic post of genericness about…………………..TACTICS!!!

Tactics: what are they?: Tactics are a kind of “move” in CP armies.  There are many tactics, which we will get into later, and each army has its own playbook of tactics.  For example, a tactic that is famous in CP armies is ACP’s Clover Bomb.  Another modern tactic is NW’s Night Bomb.  To armies, the more tactics at their disposal, the better.  Also,

HISTORY OF TACTICS: It all started during the Battle of Mammoth, when Oagalthrop broke the unspoken rules of CP armies and made……… the Hit-and-Run tactic.  Here is the video:

As you can see,  Oagal had invented the modern version of the Tactic.  Tactics have evolved since then, from ACP’s Clover Bomb to The A Line.

MODERN TACTICS: Here is a list of tactics from today’s armies.

  • ACP’s Clover Bomb
  • NW’s Night Bomb
  • Nachos’/ACP’s Hamster Bomb
  • ACP’s ACP ACP ACP Bomb
  • All Armies’ Joke Bomb
  • IW’s Puffle Bomb
  • ACP’s Flower Power Bomb
  • All Armies’ Angry Bomb
  • All Armies’ Line
  • The A Line
  • The Infinity Line
  • Fart Bomb
  • Circle
  • Square

There ARE more tactics, but it would take forever to discover them all (a future project for CPAC, maybe?), so we’ll stick to this list.  If I think of anymore tactics, I will add them to this list.

PICTURES OF TACTICS: The title says it all.

FUTURE OF TACTICS: What will it be?  Well, I personally think that CP will eventually make more emotes, and armies would use those.  Also, eventually more armies will be made, and with that, more tactics will be made, as well.  For now, though, let’s just stick with what we have at our disposal.


  • Joke Bomb
  • Line
  • Angry Bomb


  • Frenzy
  • Clover Bomb
  • Night Bomb
  • Hamster Bomb


  • Joke bomb: Press J (Hold J for Frenzy)
  • Clover Bomb: Press E+L
  • ACP ACP ACP Bomb: Load up by typing in ACP man times in a row, then fire by pressing ENTER
  • Line: Make everyone on CP line up in, well, a line, I guess…
  • Chat Line: Make everyone on CP line up on the chat bar
  • Spam: Just spam something on CP

Next, let’s talk about Tacticians.  They are the people who specialize in……..drum roll please…….TACTICS! XD  Anyway, tacticians are people who specialize in making, keeping track of, and knowing tactics.  It takes dedication to become a Tactician, because all you do in your CP life is doing all of the above with tactics.  It’s hard to do. TRUST ME.

Next, I would like to discuss how armies use tactics.  Armies use tactics to defend from and offend other armies.  Without tactics, armies would be reduced to just throwing snowballs at one another, and let’s face it, that’s no fun at all.  

Finally, let me top off this post by saying that tactics are important to CP armies.  They are the bare foundations to those same armies, and without Oagalthrop’s invention of the tactic, Club Penguin will never be the same.  Thank you.



22 Responses

  1. cool post.

  2. Ok post.

  3. There are many more variations…

  4. A Line? Is that just a line? Or a moving line? I’ve never heard of a tactic called an A-Line in all of the time since I’ve been in Warfare… What is it xD

  5. I believe he is referring to the Alpha Line that NW made.

  6. its when u make an a with soldiers
    i just classified it with the lines

  7. To be honest, being a tactician isn’t really that hard.

    All you need is a little bit of creativity and an understanding of how to make your army appear to have the advantage.

  8. “Oagalthrop.”


  9. Why caps everywhere? You do know how to use bold, right?

  10. Acp made a line that formed an a capital A at a training session, don’t you remember, you were there!

  11. Acp made a line that formed an a capital A at a training session, don’t you remember, you were there!

  12. Add FW’s and IV’s Pile Tactic.

  13. And then you charge, which makes a Camo Charge. I remember that =P

  14. Tactics are stuiped.

  15. The video didnt have the hit-and-run tactic 😆

  16. Nice spelling.

  17. This post could have been better. I saw a post a while ago, I think by articsledder, about the history of tactics that i really liked.

  18. Oagal didn’t invent hit-and-run tactics. Maybe your referring to something else but since RPF was pretty much the only notable army to use them successfully the best guess would be RPF inventing them.

  19. Read the ACP Saga. We started using Hit-and-Runs since before the RPF was formed

  20. I know Oagalthrop, he is my cousin.

  21. So everything written is true.
    ‘History is written by the victors’

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