Solidarity Forever

My viewers, I feel I must adress something that does indeed bother me. I see time and time again, the explotation of the grunts, the footmen, the soldier. It seems a leader can say, “If you attend there will be promos!” and then later say, “Bah, I don’t feel like it right now” and end up never doing it. And it seems every single man in the army will just shrug and forget about.

I have seen time and time again soldiers waste weeks or months of their time to get from the lowest rank to the second lowest rank, never to even see modship to spite their detication to the army.

My viewers, I have seen, I have read, I have witnessed expolitation.

“When the Union’s inspiration – through the workers’ blood shall run – there can be no power greater anywhere behiether the Sun. Yet force on Earth is weaker, than the feeble strength of one? But the Union makes us strong!”

Viewers, I relize that many of you will disagree with me. That many will resent such ideals. However, to call my ideas in this post crazy or rediculous is to have not read my post, or at the very least have a mental illness.

My viewers, you must recognize it as I recognize it. But before you can simply be told the lump sum you must learn the basics.

Think of it. Who recruits? Who fights the battles? Who’s loyal detication to their dictator beloved leader causes the army to function? It is not the leadership, nor the mods. It is not the man posting the times, the man saying where to form a line or when to charge. It is the grunts. You know, those soldiers that have been disregarded as uneducated servents of the leadership.

I would like you all to think, these footmen – how must they see the world? Through narrow eyes I would dare say. Spending hours upon hours vainly serving the leader whom they did not vote for nor lobby for.

Now, think back to the Industrial Revolution. Ahhhh, those days. Oppressed, uneducated workers spending their lives doing slavelabor for peanut shells at dead-end jobs. And indeed, the working man would gladly do that. (“Hey, I got a 5% raise and it’s only been 15 years!”) But they responded in a variety of ways. It appars the working man is not entirly a sucker.

1) Communism. Think, the Russian Revolution.

2) Mass Strikes. Think, the Pullman Strike.

“They have taken untold credit that they never toiled to earn – but without our brain and muscle not a sing wheel can turn! We can break their bodypower – gain our freedom when we learn that the Union makes us strong!”

I believe that today we see a similer siguation. Over 60% of CP Armies is made up of grunts that get opressed and otherwise exploited, to spite actually being able to control the fate of every army if they wanted to.

With this could come a variety of things. Soldiers gaining more rights, people promising that the people will get those rights and then exploiting the grunts for personal intrest, things of that nature. But, I would not think that you should read a post on workers’ rights and then think to exploit the workers.

I do not ask, I do not request, but I urge the solder, the grunt, the backbone of CP Armies to stand up and look around. Do you want an unelected leader? Do you want to never get past the first few member ranks? Do you want to be a slave to the system?

For soldiers, you can pick and choose. If your in ACP and you don’t want McHappy to be your leader then chances are others don’t either and if the majority dislikes him. If such is the case then I suggest you get the message out that there’s a strike going on. And the same goes for NW and Vendetta. If the majority of NW hates Vendetta then I guess that the Right to Revolution should be exploited. Nachos, IW, WW – does it matter?

Soldiers, look around you. Look towards the lies and the deciet that you may not even know of. The wool is pulled over your eyes soldiers of all CP Armies. Indeed, you must not simply obey without question. To ensure you are not exploited you must question. And where there is a question without an answer there must be resistance, though the tyrants will never yield.

Soldiers of all CP Armies. You, and only you, can bring to birth a NEW world, from the ashes of the old. For the Union will make you strong.


I am sure there are many who would not want me to post this. I suspect even now people are making comments talking about how horrible it is.

Why? Because while a leader’s speech may be used from anything to crushing a rebellion to starting it – words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those that would listen the annouciation of truth.

And the turth is, there is something terribly wrong with CP Armies, isn’t there?


13 Responses

  1. 1st 🙂

  2. The sad part is that Advertisement of the Week will get more views.

  3. I love reading your posts. So good

  4. MVP, MVP, MVP

  5. I like reading your posts. Nice job.

  6. I almost started a strike in ACP roughly a year ago… I forget why I didn’t… lawl.

  7. The only reason I disagree with this is because when I was the Nacho leader, I did everything I could to make it that my troops didn’t feel oppressed or were working for nothing. On numerous occasions, I had specific events where I even let low ranks lead…

    Oh, and you used “who’s” instead of “whose” and it kind of bothered me…

  8. The Union SUCKS, my mom nagoatites with them, thier un-fair and mean.

  9. So then you did a good job.

  10. It’s about the news, not trying to provoke your communist revolution. 🙄

  11. I found that to be really deep. Great job on that post. You should tell the leaders of the armies of cp to give promos to active grunts.

  12. Getting promotions and even just noticed in a large army unfortunately is mostly based on luck (being in the right place in the right time), and not on skill. That’s why so many terrible leaders come to power.

  13. communism *puts a thumb down*

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