Nachos/Uma vs. Orange Alliance on Fjord/ War?

Hello, everyone! Becca here again with a review of an interesting battle: The Nachos and Underground Mafias Army vs. the Orange Alliance.

Yes, I know Godplayer already covered this. But I decided to post this anyway, because, since he was covering multiple subjects, he didn’t really delve into this topic. No offence to Godplayer, obviously, I know that since you were covering more than one subject, it would be hard to give a detailed analysis of each one, as it would be time-consuming and seem to drone on and on.

Now, a bit about all of the participating armies in this battle:

The Orange Alliance

 The Orange Alliance, created earlier this month, consists of the armies the Ice Vikings, the newly restarted Golden Troops, again the newly restarted Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Doritos of Club Penguin. Their first aim was to destroy UMA, the reason being their communist government. But after a while, they postponed the war to target another army: the Nachos.

Who is the main person behind this sudden switch of main goals of the Alliance? Wwebestfan, the leader of the Doritos of Club Penguin. The reason is unclear, though the enmity between the Nachos and DCP is not exactly news.

The Alliance doesn’t seem to be shy in this possible war, heading straight for the heart of the Nachos’ empire: Fjord, their capital server. This bold attack could possibly lead to a long, fierce war.

The Underground Nacho Warriors

 And now for the defending side of the battle: The Nachos, who are protecting their oldest server, their beloved capital Fjord, the Underground Mafias army, the Nachos’ closest ally, and the Ice Warriors.

Every army who fought alongside the Nachos, save for the Ice Warriors, are in an alliance, which, like the Orange Alliance, was formed earlier this month: the Underground Nacho Warriors, often referred to as the U.N.W. The alliance is made up of three armies: The UMA and Nachos, obviously, and also the Night Warriors, who also fought alongside the Nachos.

 The Nachos seem more than willing to defend their capital server, and UMA seems more than willing to fight alongside their brother ally to the end.

Now, onto the results of the battle:

Yesterday, on January 29th, 2010, the Doritos of Club Penguin and a few of their allies from the Orange Alliance clashed with the Nachos of Club Penguin their brother ally, the Underground Mafias Army, their fellow U.N.W member the Night Warriors, and the Ice Warriors, on the Nachos’ oldest and capital server, Fjord.

The battle mainly took place in two rooms that are often ignored by Club Penguin Armies in general when getting on Club Penguin to battle or train, probably because they are harder to reach than say, the Town or the Snow Forts: the Pool and the Mine. 

Here are a few pictures of the battle that I took from the DCP site:

In this picture, the Orange Alliance has created an “L” shape, and also performing the puke-face emoticon. Their numbers are unclear in this pic, but a safe guess would be about 30-35. The Nachos are retaliating with the war-face emoticon, with about the same numbers.

Here, the Orange Alliance is still in their “L” form, performing the smiley emote, while the Nachos are laid out in a diagonal line position, firing at their opponent. Again, the Nachos and the Orange Alliance have about the same number of soldiers.

In this picture, the Orange Alliance has formed a square around the pool, performing surprise emoticons with, again, about 35-40 soldiers. The Nachos are doing their war faces with slightly bigger numbers.

Those are a few of the pictures from the Doritos’ site. Now, onto the Nachos’ pictures:

Here, the Nachos have formed a full circle around the pool with around 40 soldiers, a few performing the puffle emote. The Orange Alliance is nowhere to be found.

 In this picture, the Nachos have achieved a circle around the pit in a secret Club Penguin room, and making tounge-out faces, while the Orange Alliance forms a line through the Nachos’ circle, making grin faces. The Nachos have numbers around 40, and the Orange Alliance a little smaller in numbers.

And last, here is a pic of the Nachos attempting to break up the Orange Alliance’s “L” shape, using about 40 penguins. The Orange Alliance has about the same number in this picture.

This skirmish was fierce, and ended with both the Nachos and the Doritos claiming that they won the battle. 

Not only is the result of the battle being argued about, there are also accusations: Alfrondo, leader of DCP, blamed Pie1530, advisor of the Nachos, for spying on the Doritos’ chat. This, according to the rules the Nachos and DCP agreed on, is not allowed:

A rule was broken. DCP made the rule “No spying.” Nachos even posted it on their site, As the battle raged on  though, Pie came on DCP/OA chat, and heard the commands I was giving. One of them was Faces [certain emoticon]. As I said “3!!” Nachos did Faces [certain emoticon] too. -Alfrondo, DCP leader

Tanman, the Nachos’ leader, denied this statement and retaliated, as in this quotation:

Yes, DCP are accusing us of cheating because we killed them. No, we did not cheat. Yes, DCP were pussies and brought like 10 armies to fight us but we still outnumbered and out-tactic’d them. -Tanman, Nacho leader

There are, however, accusations against DCP:

I also saw a group of 6  black bots which no Nachos used because I told them if it was them to get them off. – Tanman, Nacho leader.

As you can see, Tan is accusing DCP of using bots.

Not only are the Nachos blaming the Orange Alliance for using bots, but also for claiming rooms as well:

Towards the end of the battle DCP started claiming rooms. -Tanman, Nacho Leader

Alfrondo does not have any reply to the charges against them, save for this:

Idc about those rules you spied. -Alfrondo, DCP Leader

Looking at the accusations, denials, and insults, it is not surprise that the Nachos declared war on the Doritos of Club Penguin only hours later:

The Nacho Empire vows to fight and invade the Doritos of Club Penguin and anyone who aposes us until their leaders finally surrender to our great forces. -Pie1350, Nacho Advisor

In the post, Pie claims that DCP has corrupt leaders, but otherwise has great potential as an army. The Nachos plan to rid of DCP’s leaders, and replace them with “more fitting leaders” so the Doritos could fulfill their full potential.

However, not long after the Nachos declared war on the Doritos of Club Penguin, Wwebestfan, DCP leader, posted this:

Being 14, you should start being more mature in life. So this post, is mostly to IW, and NW, for all of the threats DCP has gave them. -Wwebestfan, DCP leader

According to the quotation above, Wwebestfan apologizes for the threats DCP has given them. But, oddly enough, this is aimed at the Night Warriors and the Ice Warriors, but the Nachos are nowhere to be seen in this post. On the other hand, Wwebestfan uses the word “mostly” when referring to the armies he is apologizing to. Because of this, Wwebestfan may be surrendering and apologizing to the Nachos as well.


But, if Wwe did mean to apologize to the Nachos, the Nachos seemed to ignore it, and Alfrondo, DCP Leader, seems to have done the same thing. Pie1530, the Advisor the Nachos who declared war on DCP, blamed Alfrondo for being racist towards the Night Warriors:Alfrondo quickly replies with a defensive post:

Alfrondo quickly replies with a defensive post: 

I saw Pie’s post. Yeah, I’m not stupid Pie. I know a bunch of programming languages, and that post of invasions didn’t EVER say The N word. That’s a lie. You simply viewed the source code, copied the source code, and then went back an edited the words.

Haha, Im not stupid.-Alfrondo, DCP Leader

As you can see, this is undoubtedly going to be a very fierce war. When you first look at the situation, it seems that DCP and the Orange Alliance have no chance in this war, but then again, wars can be unpredictable, and the Doritos of Club Penguin may rise to the occasion and defeat their enemies.

Bahahaha, another mega post :mrgreen:.

Now, vote on the polls below:

This is Becca, signing off,






 Night Warriors


38 Responses

  1. 1sr?

  2. Fail, 1st!

  3. On the first poll the results are 100% for UNW

  4. 2nd. 😀 Woot

  5. good post

  6. You do know that Playa already made a post about this. And I made a post about the U.N.W and OA.

  7. OA wasn’t made last month it was in 2009 sometime I think and nice post.

  8. Read the second paragraph.

  9. OA = unneccessary

  10. The actual armies in the OA are GT, WW, FW, IV, DCP, TG, RPF and I believe DW.

  11. That’s interesting, as DW declared war on DCP, and the leaders of TG and WW denied that they were in the Alliance when I asked them on chat.

  12. I didn’t read it, I read the title.

  13. DW isnt in OA but the others are correct

  14. why is RPF in the ORANGE alliance?

  15. lolz vick ikr and nice post

  16. Idk xD

  17. Ah yes, I remembered DW being denied from the OA.

  18. Why would WW be in the OA? WW will not support the armies in it, and I am strongly against the stupidity that GT is doing at UMA : I mean, who gives if UMA is Communist? They don’t support it in real life.

    And nice post.

  19. Also, I would like to state that I have lost all trust in GT.

  20. Skin color

  21. Who knows if they support in real life? For all we know, WGFV could live in North Korea.

  22. Gordon’s commenting: Unneccessary

  23. Wex, you yourself came up to me asking to restart OA, you wanted those armies in them, why back out now?

  24. What’d we do?

  25. Don’t worry. It’s just gonna be a few flame wars and then it’ll all be made up, because that’s how war is nowadays.

  26. We never wanted to be in the OA. = We wanted to beat DCP single-handed and if we was to join an alliance it would of been UNW.

  27. Racist.

  28. Good post

  29. DCP already said they surrendered.. whats the point of this war continuing?

  30. Wgfv actually is a real life communist.

  31. You = shut up

  32. … teh hell?

  33. Nvm Jerry about the second comment. I saw the peace post. But GT changed a lot…

  34. Nachos foreva!! 😛

  35. FW is also neutral. That leaves with: GT TG IV, and I highly doubt RPF would turn against UMA 😀

  36. Have I missed something?

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