Nothing Interesting Happens (Resolutions?)

Hey guyysssss, so, I was scrolling through the recent posts, and after people told me how boring this place got, I thought about coming back. I don’t really wanna come back because this is way to kiddish for me, but I need to condole my boredom, so lets bring some life back to CPAC!

Ok, soooo, how about we start with a few ideas that I came up with, and later on, I’ll add some of your thoughts.

  1. Posts: CPAC posts shouldn’t only be about battles, as they have been. Instead, you can add on stuff that brings about controversy. Make different segments that include people’s opinion, like a segment I introduced called P.o.V. I’d go around interviewing people about their opinions on stuff that was going on, and then post up here. After, people could argue about it via comments.
  2. Raffles/Contests: What happened to these?! Raffles and contests are a huge source of excitement. It gets hits, and if the prizes are good, a lot of site traffic. For example, you could make a contest that requires people to prove themselves the biggest fan of CPAC and reward them with xats/days or temporary authorship.
  3. Wording: “The battle was exciting and both sides fought well. There were many troops present…” Be quiet. PUT SOME LIFE INTO THOSE WORDS. Make what you’re putting out there more exciting, more lively! Use creative words, even if they make you look cocky.

I may come back, but probably not. Please, take my advice and think hard about the future of this place.



41 Responses

  1. 1st 😀 and a quick note, for the past few months CPAC really hasn’t had anything good to post about except events that don’t occur very often

  2. Meep 2nd. I agree. This site is way to boring. Put some yummy stuff into these words. Surprise me, gimmie ur best shot CPAC.

  3. 2nd?

  4. Dude, number one makes no sense. We can’t even get battle posts -.-

  5. 2nd by reply. I’m so epic getting 2nd two times.

  6. Agreed, and even for the battle posts we need more pics.


  8. lol

    We don’t even have enough battle posts, and in the battle posts there arn’t enough pics, and these pics arn’t even that good, just small tad bits(usually with one army trying to get into the room) of the battle.

  9. Be patient for the top 10 young grasshopper

  10. Same here T_T

  11. So do I

  12. me too when r they up

  13. ya where is top 10!

  14. Where’s the new Top 10?

  15. Maybe we should grow to all armies instead of just large — then it’s not just Club Penguin Large Army Central. Yeah larges are a lot more known and more epic, but small armies are too, and it would be informing more. Plus you should start predicting what will happen with armies.

  16. skloop u lier 1 hour and half to new years for est then u will be officially a lier so put it up

  17. lets see the top ten

  18. I dont get it…And where is the top ten? Its been what 3 weeks scince the last one.

  19. No one posted about the Final Tournament Battle o:

  20. Lazy workers…

  21. This advice is null.

    The solution to the lazyness of the authors isn’t to have raffles or contests or “super-fun parties”. The solution is to go around kicking out all the people that arn’t posting. Then go around on army websites and find authors on those sites that are making good posts. Make those people authors on the CPAC site and ya.

    It’s not like there’s a shortage of people who are willing to be authors, a shortage of content, or an inability to post.

    Where’s the post about the UMA war on DW, GT, and TG? Where’s the post on the Final Battle? Where’s the post on the overthrowing of 50cent?

  22. Damn, I accidentally said I liked this post. D:

  23. I say we throw out the lazy reporters and hire new ones. Also a big world war should begin

  24. Player must be blind if he’s asking about the raffles/parties without looking at one of the gazillion parties Albaro has pathetically hosted.

  25. I actually was told to make the Top 10 psot/ Tournament post so srry about that and skloop posted it. U shouldn’t say lazy workers on New Years Eve, some of us authors (speaking for me and skloop tho of course) have social lifes. I had a party to go too and I think the same as skloop. Relax, not just you but everyone else freaking out over “lazy” authors on New Years Eve.



    Love you 😛

  26. godplaya what is your xat name.That was a good idea to.

  27. I agree with you on everything except the first sentence (obviously :P). I think parties are ridiculous, because all you do is crowd a CP server and… well yeah, that’s it. But contests, like best house contest, etc etc, have a lot more meaning. Also, I thank you for your observation about the authors, I haven’t been here long enough to see that. I’ll talk to Skloop about it :).

  28. Parties are stupid, I don’t think they should happen.

  29. Then have Skloop fire Albaro Lord 😛

  30. iElitesLeader is my account name 🙂

  31. […] Nothing Interesting Happens (Resolutions?) […]

  32. I have the solution.


  33. Hosted by CPAC?

  34. Learn to spell.


  36. CPAC hosted parties suck. We should have a party hosted at the Person-Cave. I just need a few days to clean it out (handcuffs, dead bodies, condoms, etc.)

  37. I know where I’m going.

  38. Dead bodies 0_0

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