Rise of Club Penguin Crew

Yesterday, the recently re-born Club Penguin Crew defeated FW in a PB. Many of you will remember the old CPC from late 2009, when many CP Armies including ACP, Nachos, IW, FW, WW, GW, UMA, HSA, CPST, MFW, BB, and many, many more declared war on them for several reasons, one of them being that their leader, Jeepkid had no respect to many other armies. CPC had once been very powerful, but had been falling since the Top Ten teamed up against them. The full list of the allies can be found here, and the reasons for declaring war can be found here. This old Club Penguin Crew was shut down by Jeepkid after being crushed in a series of raids and battles. But this was the old CPC.

On December 12th, Flames181 recreated a new CPC. Now, before everyone starts trying to crush this CPC, let me say that it is entirely different. They are a re-birth of the old army, but they are not led by Jeepkid or any other of the old CPC. So, in this way, though they have the same name, they are very different from the old CPC. This is their Code of Conduct, taken from the site of the new CPC, which can be found here:

Code Of  The Club Penguin Crew Army

The Club Penguin Crew Army fully believes in working together as a team and outnumbering everyone. We also believe that everyone should play fair, and battle as one. Using an ally only makes you weaker. We also believe that when you call war on us, we will always fight back. Beware, the Club Penguin Crew fights back as one

They have recruited almost non-stop since then, and have grown to a fairly large army considering their recent re-birth.

Yesterday, on the 27th, CPC invaded FW’s server Hypothermia. In an incredible battle, CPC won the server Hypothermia.

A few pictures (taken from CPC site):

A few pictures (taken from FW site):

As you can see, FW started off very strong at the Town. At the Snow Forts, the two were pretty much tied. Then thins started going downhill. FW grew smaller, but CPC stayed the same in size. Finally, at the end of the battle FW admitted the CPC had won Hypothermia.

RFW is re-invading Hypothermia on Jan 1st. Kj has stated that if they do not win this re-invasion he will retire that day. The times for the battle are as follows:

–> Saturday Jan 1st <–

–> Hypothermia <–

-> 11:00PST, 12:00MST, 1:00CST, 2:00EST <-

However, FW still lost to an army not even in the Top Ten. It seems we’ve seen quite a lot of that lately. IV beating out most of the Top Ten in the Holiday Smackdown is one example, along with many others. So, will CPC make it into the Top Ten, or, will they fall before then? We shall see…

Interview with Steve Tim – FW 3ic

Blue2: Hello

Steve Tim: Hello

Blue2: What are your thoughts on the CPC v.s. FW battle?

Steve Tim: Well, FW was doing really well at the beginning but then we started dying down.

Blue2: What do you think went wrong?

Steve Tim: Our troops wouldn’t listen and people just started logging of CP for no reason.

Blue2: Do you think you will perform better at the re-invasion of Hypothermia?

Steve Tim: I think we will because the result of that battle depends on Kj’s future with FW.

Blue2: Finally, do you think FW is falling, or was this battle just a fluke?

Steve Tim: Trust me, FW is not falling and we will perform better after this. It’s like the old saying goes “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” 

Blue2: Ok, thank you for your time.

Steve Tim: No problem.


 ❗ Interview with CPC Leader to be added shortly ❗

(he wasn’t online when this was posted)



38 Responses

  1. First

  2. wow the old CPC is starting to sound like the new NW 0.o

  3. Lmao Hell no

  4. Do they have epic graphics again?

  5. Ah. I once lead the third generation of CPC for a while before I retired and they died. I didn’t know that they restarted.

  6. I would’ve liked watching like 10 armies destroy old CPC. Jeepkid made it a fanclub.

  7. Cowboys are bigger then both so why is FW in top ten?????

  8. I saw this a day or two ago. I have high hopes for them. Their name and color allows for a lot of recruits to join, but this time they are a true army, not a “fan club” based around some famous blogger.

    I’d love to see them succeed, that’d be very exciting.

  9. Let’s get our alliance back! 😀

  10. I love how FW graciously admits defeat when defeat has happened. We need more armies like them.

  11. Hey blue, sick post. I always knew my old 2ic had a great future!

  12. This time they won’t steal the nuke and the top 10 are lazy

  13. “Using an ally only makes you weaker”
    No. If that were true most world wars would have never existed.

  14. I like where you are going with this Wex 😀

  15. using allies does not make you weaker it PROVES you are weaker

  16. oh god i hope fw and cpc doesn”t go so high just like iv.

  17. Don’t worry guys, this army will probably be dead in about a month or two. Just like many others

  18. this army had a 2nd generation back in June. Trust me. I was there

  19. wat is their site name

  20. Popcorn army,Sky troops are gonna invade Hypothermia from Club penguin crew On the same time,same date on Jan 1, 2011 (Find the times on Club Penguin Crew Army blog)If Sky troops lost and Popcorn army lost then Wizards of cp (Us) Will invade hypothermia on the next day,Jan 2, 2011 and the invasion will be the same time when Club Penguin Crew Defends Hypothermia On Jan 1, 2011

    ~Wohoo123 (Wizard leader)

  21. Can we get a new post other than this pl0x. This one is getting old. 😆

  22. True, any legendary army like CPC will probably get a good troop activeness right when they start out, then they die out shortly after that.

  23. Lets hope new CPC is smarter then old CPC

  24. there’s a link in the post…

  25. Um, no that server will belong to FW after the 1st. You don’t want to mess with us as HSA just merged into us.
    ~*Steve Tim* FW 3ic


  27. cant wait for the top 10 to be refreshed. There have been tons of changes since a month ago.

  28. Watchoo know. I made the 3rd gen of CPC, and this guy makes a new one and gets all the credit..?

  29. acp alone is epic.Acp WITH every top ten army is almageten (i dont know how to spell that word0

  30. just so you know, almagetten (did i spell it wrong AGAIN?) means the end of the universe.

  31. and (sorry for commenting so much) it means the end of the universe in a humongus blast of fire and ice….maybe we should let FW and IW take them down….

  32. Funny, still no interview for CPC *CHEW*

  33. Lol epic fail all new servers are gone so you battled for nothing

  34. ikr god we won fw server just to get nothing hypothermia dissapeared so we agreed to be allies

  35. you can interview me im one of the four leaders ok
    you can find me on gt,ar or dw or cp crew mostly

  36. good post

  37. Just coming back to this post for memories. 🙂

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