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Golden Troops VS Underground Mafias Army – BigFoot Battle

Well, as no other authors are posting this battle, I shall post again shall I?

Yesterday the Golden Troops invaded Undergound Mafias Army’s Server Big Foot. This battle was more of a battle, becuase it lasted throughout more rooms. Once again the UMA, and the GT, both claimed victory. Remember if the invading army got 5 or more rooms, they get the server.

Summary Of The Two Armies At The Battle

During the battle the GT had similar size to the battle the day before, possibly a little bigger, and they were doing well during the battle, maintaing the size during the battle. They had 25 – 35.

The UMA didn’t do as well as the defense the day before, as the UMA averaged 20 – 25, at the most, also asking for help from the “Hannah Montana Army”. The UMA had to do a lot to defend Summit. As said before, they averaged 20 – 25.

Battle In Focus (B.I.F)

Both armies claimed victory, so this post is important to see and pull-out all the factors of the battle, to see who really won the battle of Summit.Gold Writting means claimed by the GT, red writting means defended by the UMA and black means that you could claim either way.

First the battle started at the town, neither army provided pictures for this, but both armies agreed that the Golden Troops were the winners, so that means they claimed the town successfully.

Then the battle moved to the Forts, were both armies claimed to have the upper hand, saying they won that room. The UMA had about 20, and the GT had about 25, and the tactics were pretty even. So that means GT also claimed the Snow Forts.


Now the UMA claimed to have won the Forest, when infact there own pictures show them with small size, but the same size as the GT, both armies had 16 people, not many. So this room could of been called either way.

In this room, there was little, if not no resistance from the UMA, so the GT had the easy task of claiming the room, and adding another room to there list of rooms on the server. The plaza was claimed by the GT.


Once again this room was tillted the way of the Golden Troops. Both armies claimed this room once again, but the GT had there biggest sie of the battle (35-40). The UMA did also have a slightly better size than the rest of the battle (30-ish). But the GT’s size was to big for the UMA in the Dock, so the Dock is GT’s as well.


The Rooms

As you read above, the GT had the advantage throughout the battle, with better size, most of the time. Here are the results…

Rooms Claimed (GT) – Town, Forts, Plaza, Dock (4)

Rooms Possibly Claimed – Forest (1)

Rooms Defended (UMA) – None (0)

After The Battle/Who Won?

On this battle it is down to one question, Who won the Forest? It is a very tough question to say who won the forest, but the GT did have the upperhand pretty much throughout the whole battle. This time I’m going to call the winners…


Don’t start complaining in comment saying “But the UMA was twice the size of GT”, becuase theres no point. Now, as always I’m going to let you, the reader, have a say in who you think won Summit…

Thanks for reading!


Happy New Year! :)

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Golden Troops VS Underground Mafias Army

Before I start, I’ll miss you Godzilla. I remember when me, you and Nathan were in the Noodles, that was a good memory!


Hallo everyone, this post is about the war between the UMA and GT.

Golden Troops had there first event that was posted on there site. The Underground Mafias Army, however, didn’t post the event, but they managed to pick up what the GT called “nubs” on CP. Before this battle, the UMA were expected to win by a huge margin. GT were a World Power army back in the early stages on 2010, and UMA were a World Power army back in 2006/2007. The GT however had started there new generation well, getting 20 – 30 at a un-shedrualed event, however that is not as good as there old numbers.

First of all is the confusion of the whole battle. The battles was over Half Pipe, which is known as a Watex Warriors server. However, the UMA had it on there nation list. Jerry, GT Leader  said it was UMA’s server, because it was shown on the UMA nation page. However, UMA leaders said it was a WW server.  But the fact that the server was on the UMA nation, it is counted as a invasion of UMA’s server, Halfpipe. Also after the battle, both armies claimed victory, so it is really very confusing on who actually owns Halfpipe.

The start of the battle was a very hectic one for the UMA. As they did not post the battle, they had to do a lot of recruiting on Clubpenguin, to try and even out the numbers. In-fact, the UMA did have slightly more during the battle, getting 30 – 35, around 20 – 25 of them were actuall UMA soldiers. The golden troops did do well for a restarting army, getting 25 – 30, around 20 – 25 of them were actuall GT soldiers. Soon the battle began and it seemed even in the Golden Troops pictures…

The town was claimed by the Golden Troops, as the UMA never showed up to defend the Town, as they were in the Snow Forts waiting the Golden Troop’s arrival to the Forts. The GT eventually claimed the Town…

Golden Troops 1 – 0 Underground Mafias Army

However, when the golden troops did eventually go to the Snowforts, they were totally out-played and there size was too good to match at that time for the Golden Troops, and the UMA won in the Forts.

Golden Troops 1 – 1 Underground Mafias Army

Soon, the battle moved to the Plaza. The size was the same to both armies in the Plaza, both UMA and GT having 25 – 30. However, the GT’s tactics were slightly better, so they win the Plaza…

Golden Troops 2 – 1 Underground Mafias Army

Soon the Battle split up, the UMA went to the Iceberg, and the GT went to the dock. Some WW battled UMA at the dock, but it was no match for the GT’s size. The GT had 25, and the UMA had 30 at that time, meaning the Iceberg was defended, but the Dock was also claimed!

Golden Troops 2 – 2 Underground Mafias Army

WE CLAIM DOCKGolden Troops 3 – 2 Underground Mafias Army

That’s all the rooms that had battling in, meaning GT did actually win in more rooms than the UMA, however UMA had better size through-out, but did the UMA use their size advantage to stop the GT? If you have the size, you have to use it to your advantage. However, did the GT win enough rooms, and should either of them have the server in the end anyway.

Normally, I would declare a winner and also put a poll up to let you, the reader, decide. But this time there are too many factors to the battle, it needs you alone to decide the winner to this controversal battle!

Do you think the GT vs UMA battle will continiue, and GT will be back into the top ten once again? Well, just comment your opinions and let yourself be heard, and talk about big topics with other people on the GT, UMA, Halfpipe, and WW!

Thanks for reading…



Title says it all. I, Godzilla Ham, am retiring from all Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Army Central. Why?

1. I have been recruited into the Under 13 Girls’ National Soccer Team USA. I have to go to 2-hour practices 3 days a week, along with tournaments (3 games Saturday-Sunday) every week. That’s 5 days a week of soccer, plus school, homework, and other activities. It would be almost impossible to make posts, go on chat, and attend events. Even if I could find the time to do it, it would be rushed. I simply can’t be active anymore.

2. No one respects anymore. Just about everyone hates me. Because of this, going on chat just isn’t fun anymore.

So that’s why I’m retiring. Here is a list of people I would like to thank:

50 cent: Nice guy. Included me in stuff that no one would even think about including me in. I hope you have a successful career.

Pwn: Always made me laugh, even when I was down. If you ever rejoin the Nachos, I hope you’ll just keep doing what you’re doing.

Wolfie: You had faith in me when no one else did. You were the only person that thought I could become leader. I’m sorry I disappointed you. Make me proud, Wolfie, and make it to the top.

Ads: You were once my ultimate role model. I always wanted to be like you. Now, I’m not so sure that you’re my role model, but I hope you can get the Nachos back to the way they were when Person led.

Nathan: One of the nicest people I’ve ever met on chat. Even when I was a noob, he gave me a chance. He’s also gave me enough confidence to try out for reporter. He included me in just about everything he did. Thanks.

Skloop: Ok, sure, people think you’re biased and all that. I think you’re a nice guy. It’s hard to be fair when you’re judging a battle in which one of the competitors is your own army.

Matt: One of my best friends. Don’t let that demotion get you down. Keep trying. You’ll make it to the top.

Everyone else I might have missed: If I ever come back some day (which, if that will ever happen, will probably be in at least a year), I want to see you guys thriving, not being lazy and having every army except ACP slowly dieing.

So that’s it. Goodbye. You will not see me on chat. You will not see me comment on anything or make a post. You will probably never see me again. Like I said, if I ever do visit (which is highly unlikely) it will be in at least a year. So bye.

~Godzilla Ham~

Rise of Club Penguin Crew

Yesterday, the recently re-born Club Penguin Crew defeated FW in a PB. Many of you will remember the old CPC from late 2009, when many CP Armies including ACP, Nachos, IW, FW, WW, GW, UMA, HSA, CPST, MFW, BB, and many, many more declared war on them for several reasons, one of them being that their leader, Jeepkid had no respect to many other armies. CPC had once been very powerful, but had been falling since the Top Ten teamed up against them. The full list of the allies can be found here, and the reasons for declaring war can be found here. This old Club Penguin Crew was shut down by Jeepkid after being crushed in a series of raids and battles. But this was the old CPC.

On December 12th, Flames181 recreated a new CPC. Now, before everyone starts trying to crush this CPC, let me say that it is entirely different. They are a re-birth of the old army, but they are not led by Jeepkid or any other of the old CPC. So, in this way, though they have the same name, they are very different from the old CPC. This is their Code of Conduct, taken from the site of the new CPC, which can be found here:

Code Of  The Club Penguin Crew Army

The Club Penguin Crew Army fully believes in working together as a team and outnumbering everyone. We also believe that everyone should play fair, and battle as one. Using an ally only makes you weaker. We also believe that when you call war on us, we will always fight back. Beware, the Club Penguin Crew fights back as one

They have recruited almost non-stop since then, and have grown to a fairly large army considering their recent re-birth.

Yesterday, on the 27th, CPC invaded FW’s server Hypothermia. In an incredible battle, CPC won the server Hypothermia.

A few pictures (taken from CPC site):

A few pictures (taken from FW site):

As you can see, FW started off very strong at the Town. At the Snow Forts, the two were pretty much tied. Then thins started going downhill. FW grew smaller, but CPC stayed the same in size. Finally, at the end of the battle FW admitted the CPC had won Hypothermia.

RFW is re-invading Hypothermia on Jan 1st. Kj has stated that if they do not win this re-invasion he will retire that day. The times for the battle are as follows:

–> Saturday Jan 1st <–

–> Hypothermia <–

-> 11:00PST, 12:00MST, 1:00CST, 2:00EST <-

However, FW still lost to an army not even in the Top Ten. It seems we’ve seen quite a lot of that lately. IV beating out most of the Top Ten in the Holiday Smackdown is one example, along with many others. So, will CPC make it into the Top Ten, or, will they fall before then? We shall see…

Interview with Steve Tim – FW 3ic

Blue2: Hello

Steve Tim: Hello

Blue2: What are your thoughts on the CPC v.s. FW battle?

Steve Tim: Well, FW was doing really well at the beginning but then we started dying down.

Blue2: What do you think went wrong?

Steve Tim: Our troops wouldn’t listen and people just started logging of CP for no reason.

Blue2: Do you think you will perform better at the re-invasion of Hypothermia?

Steve Tim: I think we will because the result of that battle depends on Kj’s future with FW.

Blue2: Finally, do you think FW is falling, or was this battle just a fluke?

Steve Tim: Trust me, FW is not falling and we will perform better after this. It’s like the old saying goes “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” 

Blue2: Ok, thank you for your time.

Steve Tim: No problem.


 ❗ Interview with CPC Leader to be added shortly ❗

(he wasn’t online when this was posted)


RFW=FW || RPF vs RFW PB Results


Roman Fire Warriors

Well a couple of days ago I was just scanning army sites for some good news and or battle results . I came across the Roman Fire Warriors and realized that they have changed back to the Fire Warriors! This may not be a major discovery but I have decided to make a bit of my post about it because RFW = Roman Fire Warriors have been the biggest trademark for them and now they are changing to just Fire Warriors . Bye Roman! xD

Copied from FW site:

Yes, we have changed, I am going to upload the new header right now so it seems more “official”, but the other graphics will be updated on my return. Wear anything red.

Basically they are still the same army with the same leaders ect. Just thought I would mention the name change before I got to the battle.



By the looks of the pictures it seems that RFW is the winner of this battle. They had :

  • More troops
  • Better Tactics

Not that RPF did not have those things aswell it was just RFW seemed to have them more organized . RPF did not seem to match RFW’s size at all during the battle (via picture) . Considering RPF lost , they are losing more and more battles at a time. They are out of the top ten , falling a bit , and have gotten hacked (long ago).I am not saying this could be the start of the RPF fall but it just may be . ||Based on Facts and/or Statistics||

Some of the tactics RFW used were: Word attacks such as : THE MUFFIN BOMB xD. Lines : Diaganol , Vertical , The letter L, Chatbar, Horizontal.

Some of the tactics RPF used were :  Lines : Chatbar , Vertical , Horizontal.

^^^^ As you can see from the list of facts above that RFW did use a more variation of tactics and RPF used more of the basic tactics .

What I recommend

RPF: To RPF I recommend that you guys use a more variation of tactics , more active counts , and promotion/demotion events to find out who is active and who isn’t. Maybe a little more recruiting aswell with some unscheduled PB’s etcetera. But overall you guys did well for your size. You lines were pretty straight and your tactics were clean. Just try to fix up a little more and I hope to see you back into the top ten :D.

RFW : To RFW there really isn’t much to recommend here. You guys did an outstanding job with this practice battle . I wish Pochoma and Pringle good luck with leading RFW to wonderful achievements in their army.You also used a good variation of tactics and had a good army size. Basically , just keep doing what you’re doing and I hope to see you guys move up through the top ten :D.

The verdict stands as RFW has won the practice battle verses RPF by size and tactics . Good luck to both armies in their Club Penguin warfare. (pictures of the PB can be viewed below.)

Goodbye for now ~ AMR