What Makes a Good Quality Army?

Hey guys, it is me, Mike/Monsterfully many of you have been complaining about the length of posts, whether it be small or large. I will fulfill thoses “requests” by making a bigger, better quality post. So, here it is!

Many small armies think that one day, they will make the Top 10, but first, they need troops. How will they gain those troops? Well, first off, they need an army (obviously), but they will need a good quality army. You may ask, what makes a good quality army? If you ask that, then this is the right post for you! You need a good name for the army. Never copy others’ names because they could end up in a war, which isn’t that good for an incoming army. You also need great leaders. Without leaders, how will an army stay stable? Of course you may say back during the Color Wars, they didn’t have leaders and they operated fine, but a leader will make it more stable without chaos. You also need a sufficent website to host your army on. Most armies use WordPress, but some armies may use hosts such as Webs, Blogspot, Homestead, ect. Some armies may have their own domain (if they have the money) to reach their website easier, but you do not need a domain whatsoever to make the most powerful army (or in this case, good quality). The ACP does not own a domain nor pays for their website. If you choose to pay for a domain, check with your parents first and make sure to pay them back (because you do not own a credit card, hopefully) in cash so when the bill comes, they can reach for the money YOU gave them to pay for YOUR website. A good quality army should have a good quality government. Make sure to decide on what kind of government you want. You can have a democracy, which is when the citizens vote on who is leader and/or high spots, an oligarchy, which is when no one can vote but the main leader votes for the next leader. It also means it is ran by a group of people, or a dictatorship if you wish. I will be interviewing a few people asking “What makes a good quality army?”


ACP Main Leader

Monsterfully: What do you think makes a good quality army?

Bobcatboy10: 1. Being consistent on chat and Club Penguin. 2. Good leadership and 3. The right decisions (1 or 2 won’t mess you up)

Monsterfully: Your reasoning?

Bobcatboy10: Well there are more but these are the 3 big ones I can think off the top of my head.

Monsterfully: Thank you for joining us.

Bobcatboy10: Thats it? 😮

Monsterfully: Yep.

Bobcatboy10: Ok thank you for having me.


Nachos Leader

Monsterfully: What do you think makes a good quality army?

Joker: Well first off you need troops and some experienced leaders.

Monsterfully: Your reasoning?

Joker:  Well, if you have an experienced leader, they will have great tactics and strategies, and you need good numbers for the tactics. If you have 5-10 troops your tactics won’t look good and it will look way better with more troops.

Monsterfully: One more question, what is the conclusion now between you and 50cent?

Joker: Well me and 50cent never really got along, he was overthrown and I took his spot. He did get really mad and did some crazy stuff, but surprisingly me and 50cent actually had a nice conversation at times.

Monsterfully: Thank you for joining us.

Joker: Thanks for interviewing me!


I would like to give thanks to ACP Leader Bobcatboy10 and Nachos Leader Joker for letting me interview them for a few minutes. Hopefully this length of the post goes up to your “standards” and I really worked hard on this. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment box below.


Have an awesome day!








I’m Baack! Just Read

Edit: To please you all, I have made the category I created on the bottom of the Servers Page. Still being worked on.

Notice: There WILL be a seperate category of vacant servers on top of the list

Edit: Like Hurr, I’m short, sweet and to the point 😛

Guess who has returned? But before you go,”Great, this guy again. Why did they hire this guy in the first place?” I will be a Servers page updater. I will only base it on each army’s nation/empire page. Anyway…

  • I kinda like the idea of the servers classified by page, but I was thinking, why not by nation/ABC in the Top 10? This is only an example:

Watex Warriors #7

Mammoth (Also owned by/shared with ACP)

Snowbound (capital)

Mountain (Spanish. Shared with RPF)

You get the idea. However, the choice is yours. Do you like my idea? Or, do you want the Servers page to be the same?

  • I agree with Boomer on the last post about the servers. Either you come to an agreement in peace, or battle to declare full owner because I know from experience an army goes to war for claiming one others server without notice. So yeah, later!

Team Gold Surrenders to Underground Mafias Army

Ello, peoplez of da world! The title of this post pretty much says it all. TG has surrendered to UMA. Why? Here is a quote from the TG site:

The reason we surrendered was because:

1. UMA brought ACP and Nachos. We were out numbered. We could’ve brought IW and NW but making a world war out of somebody’s idiotic choices would be unnecessary.

2. We couldn’t take the pressure of invasions daily.

3. Lastly, remember the war with everybody Vs IW, TG and GT? The Nachos tried to invade all of IW’s servers in one week also. IW and ACP came together and agreed in a new rule. That you have to respect a surrender, meaning after you have surrendered, they can’t invade you anymore. If they do, it won’t count, only as raids.

Full post:

The post also stated that TG did not do too well in the war.

Team Gold, we didn’t do our best in this war, not even close. We sat together like losers and complained for 45 minutes straight until I started banning necause people weren’t getting on CP.

UMA does not have a post yet about the surrender, but here is an interview with Notru, the UMA 3ic:

Interview with Notru (UMA 3ic)

Me: Why do you think TG surrendered to UMA?

Notru: Not sure, there are probably mutiple reasons.

Me: Can you give me one?

Notru: They didn’t want to keep fighting us every day?

Me: Ok good xD

Me: Why did you bring in the Nachos and ACP into this war as your allies?

Notru: We heard that other armies were helping TG such as DW, AR, and a couple other small ones.

Me: Do you think UMA fought well in this war?

Notru: Yes, we did our best and we had fun, at least I did lol.

Me: Do you think there will be another conflict with TG in the near future?

Notru: Probably, TG might come back for revenge on us.

Me: Anything you have to say to TG?

Notru: Yes, Merry Notrumas!

Me: xD ty for your time

Notru: Good day gentlemen

Me: Imma girl (d)

Notru: Good day gentlewoman.

I don’t have an interview with an owner from TG yet, I waited a while on chat and there weren’t any on, so I’ll edit it and do one later.

So that’s all! Sorry this post is short, but there really isn’t that much else to say.

Elites are back once again?

Hello Kingfunks4 reporting on the Elites of CP Generation 5.

On the 28th of November, 3 “legends” of clubpenguin restarted the Elites for the 4th time. Those leaders are Trickster, Casiusbrutus and Motoxjohn. The site used is the first Elites site ( Some of the site features need updating, such as the Nation, Header and Widgets. The new Elites leaders are well known, and one is on the CPAC Legends List (Trickster).  Here is a look into the 3 leaders…

Trickster: Formor leader of FW, RFW and UMA, each of them in a very good form during Tricks leader-ship. He is also one of few on the CPAC Legends Page. Here’s what the Legends Page said about him…

“Led many armies in to the Top 10 and through their Golden Ages, the most prominent ones being RFW/FW and UMA. Known for his great record of every army he led making it in to the Top 10, and for his great ability to make plans. There’s even a rumor that he’s Pink Mafias.”    

Casiusbrutus: Cas is well known around CP warfare. He has been, UMA Leader, ACP Co-Leader,RPF leader,MFW leader,CPU Leader,BB Leader, Nachos ambassador, RFW Creator and WW 3ic.  Heres what Cas said about himself…

“Hi guys, my names CasiusBrutus, but you can call me Cas or Max, I’ve been in CP Armies for 4 years so I am very experienced. I wanted to become Leader of Elites 5G because Elites has a great history and a proud tradition of fine soldiery. I hope to lead this army to new heights.”

MotoxjohnMotoxjohn has been in many big armies, such as DCP leader and his first army was the CPA (CP Army). As Motoxjohns speech is the longest we will get straight to it…

 I’m Motoxjohn and like Trick I’m not going to go on and on about my history of every single army I was in.Anyway I started CP in 05 and my name was Johnnybumble.It was later that I found the army of CPA (Club Penguin Army). I joined them and after awhile I joined the Blue Team in the color wars.I then later joined ACP after the color wars ended and then quit.I went back to CPA for awhile longer and then retired because I got banned forever in early 09.I had a back up penguin, but I needed some time away from CP.On November 24th of 2009, I came back to CP armies as Motoxjohn.I joined the Ice Warriors and then created DCP (Doritos of Club Penguin) with WweBestFan in February.I then joined Dark Warriors and Elites.Now, I’m IW 4ic, DCP LIT (because every leader was demoted), DW Main Leader and Founder of 8G, and Elites 5G Main Leader and Founder.”


 Elites Past


There have been many leaders from Generation One – Three. They include, Agent55582, 77Ninja77, Potatoes4, Rapidy, Lordcody, Crazyboy86, TyloV5, Supperz1. 77Ninja7 was the Generation One Creator. Generation four was a bit of a open and close, Flames181 made the 4th generation, which didn’t make it past medium. The elites haven’t made it to World Power Status before, and hardly ever made it past the top 5 in the top 10 armies. There fall in generation three was in the year of 2010 when they gradually fell down and died. Here was Elites general size…. (This battle was vs the UMA and Tacos witch where a no show.) 


The have always been capable of that sought of size, but have fallen and haven’t got that size since earlier in the year. Heres an interview with Cas… Im Orange, Cas is Green.

Interview with Cas.

Do you excpect the Elites to get the same size as past generations or bigger?

Well, I am soon to assemble one of the finest leader teams you can get. Trickster and me have joined forces. We made RFW, which was huge. I expect Elites to get much bigger.

How long?

About 3 months

Ok, Next Question…

How High do you think Elites can get up the top ten?

I think If I put all my effort into this anything can be possible.

Thanks for your time.

Is that it?

Geesh that was short.

Not much else to be said

True, well thanks anyway.

Comment YOUR opinions on Elites  Fifth Generation!

-Kingfunks4 “The goal may be far but it’s always possible to accomplish!”







Top 10 Armies – November 28th, 2010



Hello Everyone, welcome to the long awaited post, the Top 10 Armies!

I’m sorry that I delayed the post 2 days – I just thought that the ACP vs. NW battle was too big to not wait for.

Anyways, let’s begin!

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Which Rules the Forts, Size or Tactics?

Welcome CPAC community. This might have been posted here and there but this will go into depth with interviews, pictures, and debates. Many people have debated for a long time that size decides a battle, not tactics and vise-versa. Of course when combined together, an army is unbreakable for a long period of time. This will be a heated post, not biased. So I ask many people: Which rules the Forts, Size or tactics?

I firstly went around to different and various army chats small to large and major. I asked the lowest ranks first, and went up. As well as I did the same thing later to see if anyone had changed their mind on their decision. I can say most low ranked or, new recruits said Size made a battle unless the tactics was “massive” and that word was thrown around a lot. As the ranks hit General and near-general ranks the responses went to “both”. Not to say many people did say tactics made a battle because of their size and organization. Now, I went to many chats looking for leaders to ask. I ran into many people, here are their opinions, responses, and thoughts on which is better, Size or Tactics.

To start off these interviews, I asked the DCP leader, Wwebestfan.


Me: “So, which rules the Forts, Size or Tactics?”


Wwebestfan: “Both. Size because if the other army has a less then you, and they don’t do tactics, then you will get more recruits. Tactics because getting advantage to lag each other, and showing skill”


Me: “Last question, are you a poet and didn’t even know it?”


Wwebestfan: “I used to be good at poems”


Me: “Thank you for your time”


Once finishing Wwebestfan’s interview, I went strait to one of the longest in position leaders. Iceyfeet1234 of the Ice Warriors.


Me: “So, who rules the Forts, Size or tactics?”


Iceyfeet1234: “It depends on which armies are fighting each other.”


Me: “Say if IW and ACP went into war, which would be more important?”


Iceyfeet1234: “Size. And tactics at some times.”


Me: “Say if someone won a battle because their leader said they won because they had better tactics, but you had a bigger size with moderate tactics. Who really won the battle?”


Iceyfeet1234: Well, first you would look over the pics & vids and come to a conclusion on which had the better tactics & size. And who clearly won.”


Me: “Alright, thanks for your time Icey :D”


Iceyfeet1234: “Ok, np”


Once finished with that interview, I went to a later CP army leader, Recoz9 of the Icy Troops.


Me: “So, which rules the Forts, Tactics or Size?”


Recoz9: “I’d have to say Size.”


For the last interview I went to Joker of the Nacho Army.


ME: “So which rules the forts, size or tactics of an army?”


JOKER: ”Tactics, of course”


ME: ”Any examples?”


JOKER: ”Well for example, ACP are huge and they have ok tactics, but if they had no tactics they wouldn’t really win wars, and an army like Nachos have tactics and a good size.”


ME: ”Thanks for your time Joker”


JOKER: ”No problem, thanks for interviewing me :P”


As seen, different leaders have different opinions. When you think of size, you might think of ACP or IW and Nachos. When you think of tactics, maybe RPF and UMA. Different armies use different tactics and different armies have different sizes. So it is ultimately up to that army and to the members of that army weather they won or lost. As well as if the opposing army says they lost it is decided. There is always the conflict of when each army says they won. This is when the argument and debate starts and where it was born. One army says they were bigger than the other and the other says there attacks and tactics were much more organized and better vise-versa.

For example both can be seen in this picture from the ACP:

And you can tactics in this Nacho line with there famous mad face, not a big size but truly almost perfect:

You can see in this next picture the size of the Red Alliance in them showing they can make one line across the Forts:

And for the last picture, the UMA’s size:

Of course the pictures and videos shows who will truly win. The debate between which is better will never truly be solved. The point of this post is to bring up the fact that neither is better as long as there is some one there to appose either one. Now to tell you my opinion. I think that tactics are better. Now to start the comments, leave below what you think truly decides a battle, pictures or not. Tactics of an army, or the size?

Credit to: Capncook and Nachos website for the pictures.

Also, give me some constructive criticism on how to make post’s even better!




P.O.V: Can Europeans be legends?

Boomer: Let me clarify this post’s meaning, because for some reason it was interpreted as racist 😕 This post is not saying that Europeans do not have what it takes to be legends, or that they cannot be legends. It is merely saying that because of the time difference, it is difficult for Europeans to attend enough battles to work their way up to legend status. Not impossible, just seemingly more difficult. Please read more than just the title before you form your opinion on what this post is trying to say.

Hello, It’s Nathancool1 and today I am going to talk to you about how Europeans find it hard to have a succesful career in Club Penguin Armies. Before I start I would like to apologise for posting a P.O.V instead of a war. There just didn’t seem to be any interesting wars to post about.

Table of Contents:

  1. P.O.V: Can Europeans be legends?

1. P.O.V: Can Europeans be legends?

Is it possible for a European soldier to have a succesful career? Europeans usually find it hard to attend events due to their time zone. Most people who are in Club Penguin Armies are from the United States of America (USA). This means that most events are at times that suit people from the USA. The USA are 5 hours behind country’s like the United Kingdom. This means that they usually have events when the Europeans are in bed. Some Europeans stay up late just to attend events. Most schools in the USA finish around 3 pm which is 8 pm United Kingdom Time. By the time the USA people who are in school get home it is usually between 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm UK time. Quite a lot of people in Club Penguin armies are like 10 or 11, most people of the age go to bed at 9 pm which is usually when the USA school children get home. Because of this people from the UK cannot attend most events on weekdays unless they stay up late or it is a holiday in the USA and the events are earlier. On weekends the events are still not always UK friendly.

Some armies have a European Division in which they have events at times most Europeans can attend. The Nachos of Club Penguin where one of the first armies to do this. The Nacho European Division ( N.E.D ) Was brought back this year by Crazydawg123, it lasted a few weeks but ended due to the lack of Europeans in the Nachos. The N.E.D was brought back again a few months later but only lasted a few hours. The N.E.D is currently alive and led by Nathancool1. People have told me that the reason that there is hardly any Europeans around is because they are fed up with not being able to attend events and retired.

Interview with Chris ( AKA Leoblue33 ) ACP Retired Legend:

Me: Do you think that Europeans can be Club Penguin Army legends?

Chris: Sure, It kinda depends though.

Me: Why do you think Europeans are quite rare in Club Penguin Armies?

Chris: I don’t think in Europe Club Penguin is a big thing.

Me: If you where European how would you feel?

Chris: I would feel kinda excluded, if I knew about Club Penguin Armies.

Me: When I asked you if you think that Europeans can be Club Penguin Army legends you answered ”It depends” What does it depend on?

Chris: If they act mature and stuff like that. That goes for everyone.

Me: Okay. thank you for your time!

Chris: No problem.

Me. Bye

Now I want YOUR opinion, vote on the poll below and then tell me you thoughts in a comment!