Parties, they are fun and all, but are they good for Club Penguin Warfare? This days we have the Halloween party which is one of the favorites to the people playing, but if you go see the dock, there are waaaaay to many pumpkins making your army in a war looking with less people. Something good of this party is that the Snowforts is all cleared and that there aren’t any obstacles, aside from the two forts.

As you can see in this pic in the NW and DCP war, the NW have around 35 people there and some can´t be seen clearly, not only because of they are shouting “NW claims this room”, but there are also a lot of pumpkins which does not let you see all the penguins at the Dock.


But in some other parties like in the music jam festival there are way too many stages making a war really hard to fight in. In the Snowforts there are two mini-stages so you can cheer for blue or red, in the Dock the main stage is there which holds a really large amount of space and a lot of non-army penguins that just stay there and make the room get full faster, the ice berg which has the penguin band playing there, the beach which has a pink stage, the pool which has a giant piano just laying there, the Forest, which has a western-type stage,  the Cove which has a Hawaiian-looking stage and a limbo place, the soccer stadium which has a normal stage.

But not only in the Music Jam party what about the Fall Fair?

  • The Dock has 2 games which makes the room REALLY overcrowded at some points
  • The Forest which has 1 game and the prize store and the Great Puffle Circus
  • The Ice Berg full of balls and a slide with stairs

Highlights of other parties:

Puffle Party

  • Snowforts full of forts and a path way to the feeding puffle room
  • Forest has a Ball pool
  • Dock has puffle house structures
  • Beach has an ice castle
  • Pool has a skating park

Medieval party

  • Snow forts has 3 forts and some catapults,
  • Forest has 2 huge trees,
  • Dock has some old portable houses,
  • Beach just has some stairs in it,
  • Ski village has a bridge and less walking area,
  • Mine has a giant dragon and a Switchbox 3000,
  • The pool has the knights quest 1 and 2 and a lot of coins.



Interview with Spice Ice116 (Team Gold leader)

Me: Do you think the Club Penguin parties ruin wars?

Spice: Yes, and they mess up our recruiting sessions

Me: Do you think the decorations ruin part of the wars too?

Spice: Yeah, because there is no room for lines, for example the soccer stadium. You can’t make a line because of all the anvils and fish laying around.

Me: Do you think there should be no wars while there are parties?

Spice: No, the parties bring challenges, and along with those new challenges and new tactics.


Interview with Albert417 (IW 3ic)

Me: Do you think the Club penguin parties ruin wars, recruiting sessions, training, etc.?

Albert: No

Me: Why not?

Albert: Because parties last for a few days and noobs can get bored after they’ve seen and done every at them and major armies can recruit and get noobs interested in joining

Me: Do you think the decorations take away a lot of space.

Albert: No because they look good and don’t cause any problems at all if there was a battle.

Me: Do you think there should be no wars while there are parties?

Albert: I think there should be no wars because the parties are fun to many troops and armies tend to schedule parties on chat.

As you can see Albert and Spice have a different point of view at the parties.

What do you think?

~San Chivas


Team Gold vs. Nachos(Practice Battle)

Sorry about this being so late, I got in trouble at school.

I,(Kj Bulldogs1) went to Team Gold and Nachos chat to interview both leaders.  I asked them 5questions plus 1bonus question, so please do not, comment bad things about the answers or questions.(Unless it has some actual sence to the comment) By the way this interview was before the battle.

*Interview of Jerry Team Gold Leader*

1.)Kj Bulldogs1: How do you think this battle will turn out?

Jerry: Well, currently Nachos are averaging 20-30per event. I think this merge, 40 or more. I think the favors are on our side.

2.)Kj Bulldogs1: Do you think the cause of Golden Troops merging into Team Gold will make this battle better for Team Gold?

Jerry: I have no clue if it’ll be better for the Nachos, but certainly for Team Gold.  More experience coming in to Team Gold. More firepower.

3.)Kj Bulldogs1: If Nachos were to average more than expected, how would this effect the way Team Gold performs?

Jerry: It will effect us slightly. The fear of the larger size of the opposing army could frighten us, but due to the success most of the leaders in Team Gold have during battle we should be able to pull it off.

4.)Kj bulldogs1: If Team Gold were to have less troops than expected, how would Team Gold leaders react?

Jerry: We would be really disappointed. But as I said before, no worries, keep our hopes up high, ask for more particiapation and get the army more active.

5.)Kj Bulldogs1: If Team Gold looses this battle, how would Team Gold leaders act to get battles more effection?

Jerry: Well, we will advertise the event more, prepare(train, recruit, raid, etc.) before a battle, write speeches, and to refresh our memory of the soldiers with the date every hour.

(BONUS)Kj Bulldogs1: Do you like Nachos(The food)


Jerry’s Shoutout: I LOVE YOU SKLOOP.


*Interview of  Tanman626 Nacho leader*

1.)Kj Bulldogs1: How do you think this battle will turn out?

Tanman626: I think it will be close, but I think Nachos will have the slight edge.

2.)Kj Bulldogs1: Do you think the Golden Troops merging into Team Gold will have an effect on Nachos?

Tanman626: Yeah it will give Team Gold a big size advantage.

3.)Kj Bulldogs1: What do you think Nachos and Team Gold will average out though the whole battle?

Tanman626: Nachos: 30-35 Team Gold: 20-25 at times 35.

4.)Kj Bulldogs1: If Nachos didn’t have as many troops as Nachos are expecting, how would Nacho leaders act to make this better?

Tanman626: We’ll have rock solid tactics.

5.)Kj Bulldogs1: If Nachos looses this battle how would Nachos react to this lose?

Tanman626: We would recruit alot and get better.

(BONUS)Kj Bulldogs1: Do you gold(The product)

Tanman626: Gold is nice I must say

Tanman626 shoutout:



The battle was an awesome battle between, Nachos and Team Gold.  But Team Gold accepted defeat.  Spice said, “They we winning at first but they lost their ground.” But I believe they did a good job.  They fought through out the whole battle even though Nachos just grew and grew, as the battle went on.

*Proof of Spice*

Nachos also played their part too. They were careful of what Team Gold could do, cause of the merge of Golden troops merging into Team Gold.  They played it safe at first, but as soon as they say Team Gold at the weakest, they took advantage and beat them through the rest of the battle.

 Now I am about to show you the pictures of this awesome battle.  But before I do, do not insult the pictures I show you, or any of the people in the pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was an awesome battle. Both armies did very well, but its time for you decision. Who won the practice battle? Team Gold, or Nachos?


Klug Goez Hai/Looking Back: UMA

Why hello there,

My name (well, online name that I use to disguise my real identity from you crazy people) is Klug1234. If you are asking yourself “Who the heck is this guy?”, which you probably are, let me give a relatively quick explanation of who I am and what I bring to the wonderful team here at CPAC. I am a former ACP (Army Of Club Penguin) 2nd In Command, or 2ic for short. That basically means that I was as close to being leader as you can possibly get without being leader. I spent nearly two years (December 2008-September/October 2010) in ACP, and I refrained from joining many other armies, and if I did, I was extremely inactive in all of them. Since CPAC’s creation, I have been an avid commenter on the site and not afraid to voice my opinion on the happenings of armies. I also created an army known as the Mods Of Club Penguin (MCP) with former CPAC Head Of Site lasgae way back in the day. If las happens to be reading this, good times, huh?

But, I’m getting off track. Now, I’m on CPAC, as your in house Army Historian. I’mma school you with history.

Looking Back: The Underground Mafias Army and WWIII

The Underground Mafias Army, or UMA, is one of the most historical and influential armies in Club Penguin. It is arguably one of the first organized armies to have appeared. Lead by army legend Pink Mafias, the UMA became one of the first world powers in armies. Pink Mafias ruled with an iron fist, and naturally, they became one of the greatest powers of their time. The UMA’s first website ( was also used for several other aspects of Club Penguin, including hacking for  rare clothing and items. This lead the then recently formed ACP to become a great enemy, as Oagalthorp was-and still is-greatly opposed to  any idea of hacking in Club Penguin.

The first known fighting between the UMA and ACP took place sometime in December 2006, when a small party of ACP discovered them in the Mammoth Boiler Room. After a few small confrontations on CP, then ACP leader and creator Oagalthorp decided to search the web for them. This lead to his discovering of Pink Mafias’ website, and eventually the official declaration of war between the two armies. War began quickly, but it did not in any way end quickly. The UMA allied themselves with other large armies, like the Nachos, and the now-dead CPUNSC, which once was the 2nd largest army on the Miniclip forums.  One of the biggest battles of this war took place on April 14, 2007. The UMA decided to ambush the ACP during one of their meetings at the Mammoth Dojo. The ACP was completely unprepared for the attack, and after only 20 minutes of fighting, Oagalthorp decided to surrender to Pink Mafias. He gave up Mammoth, the ACP’s home server and the single most coveted server in warfare, and relocated the ACP to Breeze. I can imagine that the UMA rejoiced wildly and began to use Mammoth as a huge advantage. -The Battle of Mammoth

What made WWIII so amazing was how many times the tide changed pace. One minute it would seem the UMA were winning under the strong hand of Pink Mafias, the next minute the ACP would have used hit-and run tactics and thrown UMA into chaos. Had Oagalthorp not decided to take action and improve both the ACP and find allies to help, it may have continued that way. Encouraged by their win at the Battle of Mammoth, Pink Mafias decided to try and completely wipe out the ACP for good at one of their upcoming meetings on Breeze. This time, though, Oagalthorp decided to be more prepared. The ACP quickly allied themselves with the CPAF (Club Penguin Air Force) and the small rebellion from UMA, the RPF, lead by Commando717.

On May 26, 2007, the UMA marched into battle in the Boiler Room of Breeze. Slightly discouraged and greatly angered by Pink Mafias’ penguin being banned permanently due to hacking, they were as strong as ever. Even with ACP’s allies, they still outnumbered the alliance at times. Even with a lower morale from their recent loss at Mammoth, the ACP and their allies managed to pull out a victory. -The Battle of Breeze

Astonished by the upset at Breeze, Pink Mafias (now using the backup penguin Uma Pm) began to lose the will to continue fighting. Eventually, he decided to quit UMA and CP. For good. A new site for the UMA was constructed, new leaders, new everything. But it could not be the same. The new website would never gain the popularity of Pink’s old one, the new leaders would never be as commanding as Pink had been, and the ACP and their allies would continue to take every chance to crush them. They regained Mammoth, and eventually defeated the UMA for the final time at the Battle of Wool Socks.  The UMA’s new leader, Mpenguin123, set up an alliance with Oagalthorp. The ACP was victorious. This was just the beginning of the fall of the UMA.

Over the next years, the UMA would continue to fall, occasionally rise, and fall yet again. They are still widely affiliated with “hackers”, and have had a history of being hacked themselves. They have tried many schemes to rise back-most notably trying to fool the army world into thinking Pink Mafias had returned to lead the UMA several times-but they have all failed. It seems that the UMA is one of those armies that for whatever reason cannot succeed without their creator. However, out of the dust and rubble of the UMA, several notable people and armies popped up.

Hope you enjoyed my first post,

Next week: “Trees-Did They Really Sabotage UMA?”


Happy Halloween!

Skloop: With all of the new authors, posts are going crazy. Here’s some of the newer ones most of you probably haven’t seen:

Click Here to read the post “Parties by San Chivas
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all CPAC viewers! Tonight, many of us will be going trick-or-treating in our neighborhoods. So, everyone enjoy themselves, and get lots of candy. 😀

~Sklooperis, Bluesockwa2, and all the CPAC staff

Is WW falling?

These recent weeks we have seen WW not being so strong as they used to be some couple of months ago, for example, on their most recent active count held on October 9, they only got 36 comments which only 31 of them are for the active count, when a couple of months ago they got around 70+ comments for the active count.

On some of their most recent events they have had good turnouts, but in some very bad like in a training session they held 1 week ago where only 6-8 people came, but on the war of Snowbound they did got a pretty good turnout where they maxed around 22, which actually are really good numbers.

This is a pic from the Snowbound invasion:

The most important event that they have held recently aside the war on Snowbound was the Practice Battle against Ice Warriors where they definitely lost since they averaged 3-6 people and maxed out 13 people, while the Ice Warriors averaged 20+ and did way much better.

This is what Wexfief had to say:

I had confidence that we could be the number 3 army again. I had confidence that we could get at least 20+. But no, we couldn’t and we failed.

At most, we had 13 people. Sure, 13 is a lot. But how about if most of them were inactive on CP? How would that help? Our average was 6-9 while IW’s was 20. We also had a full chat at times, and still we couldn’t get better results on CP. I mean really, if we came with last week performance against IW, we definitely would have gotten 3rd place, no doubt.

Listen, do you guys want to fall again? We have been falling and rising way too much. I’m really sick of us falling every other month. I want WW to be a permanent top five army, like ACP, NW, IW, and Nachos.

This is your future. Do you want to make history and be one of the top five armies for months to come, or do you want us to shut down WW once again? It’s your choice.

The Watex Warriors also had a training session today which was succesful. The accidents from the IW PB was made up in that event. It was estimated around 14+ people. In other words it was a success.


Interview with 50 Cent (Nacho Army leader)

Me: Hello

50: Hi

Me: Do you think WW has been falling recently?

50: Though I have not payed much attention to the Watex Warriors I do believe they are falling because they have not posted much recently, and they offered the Churros leaders the rank of Co-leader if they merged.

Me: Do you think they will be able to get more people like they used to before?

50: It is possible, the Watex Warriors have risen and fallen even when there have not been any significant changes. I do not believe they will ever become the number one army though I do believe they will recover eventually.

Me: Do you think they deserve a top 10 spot?

50: Yes, I believe the Watex Warriors are the 9th or 10th strongest army.

Me: Thank you for taking this interview.

50: No problem.

Interview with Disco70s (Watex Warriors Head Warlord)

Me: Do you think WW has been falling recently?

Disco: Nope WW is doing just fine, the only small problem is that some troops are kinda “not responding” to some of the commands and many of the events are too simple.

Me: Do you think they will be able to get more people?

Disco: Yes, its an 80%-90% that they can do due to fairness in the ranks and weekly events.

Me: Do you think they deserve a top 10 spot?

Disco: Yes (even though they struggle by bits, but still manage to get even higher).

Me: What spot do you think they deserve?

Disco: The higher than they had before this week´s top 10 came out, our number 5. Around 7-4.

Me: Thank you for taking this interview.

Disco: You are welcome.

Enjoy 😀

~San Chivas

CPAC Halloween Party

Blue2: Sorrrryyyyyy :mrgreen:

Ok well lets get the idea straight, CPAC is having a Halloween Party. Since Blue took my idea of explaining how Halloween got started and all he kinda took away half of my post so we can thank Blue for the shortness of the post :p. So anyhow first I want to say I’m sorry to UK people, I made it a little late so most UK will be out Tricking and Treating people but since the majority of CP Armies is US I had to make it earlier in the day for US but later in the day for UK. So anyhow lets get on with this post I have been rambling to much. So anyhow with luck Skloop will come to the Halloween Party even though our all mighty head of site has missed all the other parties we have had. Now here are all the times and stuff like that and lets party on.

Date:October 31st, 2010

Time:3:00-5:00 EST, 8:00-1:00 GMT, 2:00-4:00 CST, 12:00-2:00 PST and 1:00-3:00 MST

Where: and a CP Server(I will tell you where on chat)

Why:It’s Halloween do you need a description?

Now then since the people at the last party are probably aware that I had a raffle for Halloween then out of request so anyhow I only have 140 xats on me right now and if I gave away days I would get really low. I might give away xats but in more small portions. Now then I hope to see a good amount of people at the party that I don’t see very often. So now lets party all night long.

Albaro Lord and all cool CPAC Staff(not including Skloop :p)

Me/Crystal Warriors vs Teamgold

Hello everyone here at CPAC I would like to introduce myself.

  • My Club Penguin and Xat name is San Chivas, you can just call me San or Chivas.
  • I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Im the first mexican to ever be at CPAC.
  • I love Club penguin.
  • I love soccer (I get payed for it).
  • I love Chivas.

Armies that I have been in

  1. Nachos (retired highest mod)
  2. Ice warriors (retired 2ic)
  3. Hero Warriors (retired leader)
  4. Blaze Warriors (retired leader)
  5. Hot Sauce Army (retired highest mod)
  6. Aqua Warriors (retired lowest mod)
  7. ACP (retired Sargeant)
  8. TG (Still 2ic)

Here in CPAC I will try to make all the posts that I can and keep you entertained and not let the viewers down with the expectations.


So now with the post:

Crystal Warriors make a move and plan to invade Team Gold.

To TG: You are so freaking cocky people call us cocky you are cocky just because an army that maxes 8 merged into you doesn’t mean you are the best army in the world and are going to ever end up like ACP. It’s funny how you say NW has no-life you are the ones with no-life you are Team Gay just so you know. We aren’t going to take your crap trying to push around armies because a small army merged into you. And, this is time for payback make sure you use bots and accuse us of bots during this battle M’kay ;)

And so TG responded to this message like this:

Well well well, CW is attempting to invade us calling us “cocky” just because I, just like most CP army leaders, talk trash. Sadly, what this 4 year old, waste of DNA doesn’t know is that you can invade 3 servers with only one date and time. Anyways, if he even thinks he’s going to get his 2 man army to claim one room, he must not know anything about TG.

Secondly, he says we’re cocky just because we think that since GT merged with us we’re a World Power? Then he called GT an 8 man army. Seriously, he should be learn how to write a correct sentence and learn grammar before he tried to insult TG. GT was also bigger than CW, way bigger infact. Now if CW thinks they could scrape up enough noobs to beat us, let Jcm be a retard. Let CW get knocked out of the top 10. Let’s let it all fall down in shambles in front of our faces, because one we start, we’ll never stop. We’re fighting to the death. No allies. TG vs CW only. Oh and, make sure that once you see Jcm, thank him for all of the new servers we’re about to get. It’s over for you now. It’s over. And as I said before, you can’t invade 3 servers at one time, so we’ll only be defending Snow Drift, TG vs CW, no allies or they lose.

They plan to invade  Snow Drift, Sleet, and Cozy, on November 9 at 5:00 p.m. est.

Now lets see some of their sizes in recent events:



Interview with Twitch, CW 2ic.

Me: Hello

Twitch: Hi

Me: How do you think the war against TG will result?

Twitch: Well, I have seen TG battle, I am actually their 4ic. But if I was to compare CW and TG, I think CW have a good chance.

Me: Who do you think will get a bigger “push” after the war?

Twitch: In my opinion CW because taking on a bigger army gets a lot of conmotion.

Me: How good do you think CW will do in tactics and size?

Twitch: Well, we are great at both. I think we will do better in size because we have a great size but im not saying we suck at tactics but in my oppinion we will do better in size.

Me: Thanks.

Twitch: Anytime


Interview with Jerry, TG leader

Me: How do you think the war against CW will result?

Jerry: I believe we will win. CW is a new army to the top 10. Their size does not make us shiver with fear. We have the upperhand in experience, and in size. That pretty much sums it up.

Me: Who do you think will get a bigger “push” after the war?

Jerry: It depends on who wins. But I have seen a lot of losing armies grow from wars. Many different factors come into size. Who wins, who recruits more, who has a more determined will etc.

Me: How good do you think TG will do in size and tactics?

Jerry: Many people think that because we lost the PB against Nachos will mean that we will fall. But with Spice and the other leaders. We have a plan to make sure that does not happen. What we are doing and we will continue to do is recruit-train every day, it will enhance our ability on the battle field.

Me: Thank you


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