This Week’s Top 10! | Tournament Ideas? | Goodbye, Amit!

Note: We need a new Head Reporter, so if Woton doesn’t come back, I guess I’ll handle it in some way.

Hey everyone, Playa here with a few.. refreshing things :D . However, first of all, I’d like to say a special tribute to Amit, our now retired Secondary Head of Site. Yesterday, he retired from all Club Penguin related things, and I think he was one of the most unique people I knew. You had a great sense of humor, a great sense of business, and all that jazz :P . I hope you have fun doing whatever else you have planned, and I thank you greatly for trusting me to overtake your position.

Now, with a lot of anticipation, I announce this week’s (or this month’s :? ) Top 10! Note: Click to enlarge pictures.

  1. Army of Club Penguin – The ACP is usually the number one army, but during the last few days, they’ve been extremely busy. For starters, they’ve had back to back recruiting due to the Earth Day Party (no pictures were found :| ). In other news, ACP has had recent owner changes like Shaboomboom stepping down from his Main Leader position, Iasage56 stepping up to it, Lucario654 abandoning WW for a 2IC position, etc. However, they managed to retain their size if not make it bigger.
  2. Golden Troops – Wow, a huge step up for this army made of merges. Recently, they had an enormous war with the Ice Warriors and according to many of our viewers, they proved themselves not only above the Ice Warriors but above the Nachos as well! Their leaders, like Ganger, are known to be somewhat loudmouthed and violent, and after their squabble with IW, they are on the road to war with the DCP.
  3. Ice Warriors – With the recent war against GT off, the Ice Warriors are definitely still on top, and still going, but are definitely a rank lower than GT. No recent pictures could be found, sorry!
  4. Team Gold – Team Gold has absolutely proven to have made a comeback. Known for being a noob army a few months ago, the TG have turned out to be reformed from that state and in pretty large numbers. With their invasion of the Nacho server Snowbank and what is considered to be a victory, they have contributed to the surprising downcast of the Nachos on today’s Top 10.
  5. Nachos – Well, I tell ya, this is quite a surprise and a setback. Recently, with owner problems, the legendary Nachos known for their Number 2 spot had the axe cut down on them. They have lost to both UMA and TG, and this has come at major costs, as you can see.
  6. Tacos – Of course, a lot of people believe the sole reason the Tacos are in the Top 10 is that their leader is Riffy888, probably the most famous Club Penguin blogger. However, they have been in pretty big numbers during unscheduled events. Though, lets see how they do in a Practice Battle with GT and Elites for a scheduled event.
  7. Elites – An “undiscovered” army until recently, the Elites have proved themselves well in a recent invasion of Summit. They won in huge numbers against the DCP, and in many people’s opinion, deserve this spot. They are most definitely on the rise and a lot of people are ambitious to see their next move.
  8. UMA – Recently outcast from the Top 10, the UMA have proved themselves somewhat worthy for another chance here. Even though a lot of people have moral objections towards the UMA, they are in decent numbers and defeated the Nachos, so it’d be biased of me to refuse them a spot.
  9. Doritos of Club Penguin – Known for their war with ACP, the DCP were recently defeated in an invasion of Summit by the Elites. However, they are also known for their “loud mouths” and starting squabbles with armies like ACP and GT. No pictures of battles could be found, however a lot of pictures of GT Leaders could be found, proving the theory of them being “all-talk.” :|
  10. Watex Warriors – Talk about a slump. Ever since they were on the rise and former Leader Lucario654 was.. leading, the WW seemed to be averaging out to a great size. However, when he left/abandoned them he not only betrayed the army but let them fall. I don’t think they deserve to be kicked out of the Top 10, but they deserve a Top 10 spot.

Well, now that we finally have that done, I have one last thing to say: TOURNEY TIME! I have no idea what to make the tourney about, so it’s up to you guys!

Comment with opinions on the Top 10 and suggestions for the tournament!



“Hell was Unleashed”

GP: Scroll down for Top 10 – YOU Pick! the revised version!

This post was made by Ganger on the 20th April 2010, as preparation for the battle between GT and IW – a very prolific battle. The battle of Sub Zero, to decide who really owned it. Before the battle, Ganger had this to say:

Yes, that’s right. “Hell will be unleashed” on the date of April, 24th, Saturday. This is the day many soldiers will either fall or rise. This is the day the Ice Warriors and the Golden Troops will face off!

There was definitely a lot of hype about this battle. IW and GT have been at war since April 2nd (see here). But this was going to be a battle like none other.

Some Pictures (From GT site) In no order.

A6.png picture by Dalekcam

Equal Lines

Equal Lines

Because of the fact that IW have not posted pictures yet, I cannot get any “in favour of IW pics” which I’m sure it was not like.

Now, yet again, we are faced the same problem, which seems to face all battles now. It happens in every war, at every battle, at every single event – who won? GT and IW both claim they won – who did win? Wha are our options to decide who did win this battle. We cannot entirely tell from GT only pictures, but neither can we tell if IW have no pictures. It is a problem which we have to face – and I personally doubt will ever go away. Are there ways around this? What wins a battle?

  • Umpires – Getting experienced soldiers from neither army to decide who won at the end. But there may be more “fraudulent” problems such as 2 armies hiring an umpire, or one army deciding the umpire was biased. Bribery and blackmail (however ridiculous) are sure to come into this equation at some point.
  • Points – Each charge, line, or other good tactic is a point. But this would be desperately hard to control, as you would need an umpire, there would be debates – if we start a charge when they charge us, do we not get a point or do we, or do they or whatever. It confuses the hell out of all of us.
  • Asking advice from others afterwards – This is in some way similar to the umpire system, but these people – whoever they may be – would review pictures from both armies afterwards – numbers, chat, charges etc. This could be done by news sites (like us) other armies, legends, etc.
  • Fighting it out like a man – Does this work? it’s what we do nowadays… will it continue to work? Does it need to change?


Top 10 – You Pick! *NEW* | Nachos

Hey everyone, it’s me… again :| . Anyway, I realized I made a few mistake in my last segment, Top 10 – You Pick! After thinking about the choices I gave you, I forgot about Team Gold. So, let’s redo this thing :P . Here are your choices, again:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Golden Troops
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Watex Warriors
  • Tacos
  • Hot Sauce Army Team Gold
  • Roman Fire Warriors
  • Doritos of Club Penguin
  • Elites
  • Underground Mafias Army

In other news, I think we all have noticed some problems in the Nachos. Whether it be leader problems, chat problems, or anything of that sort, there absolutely have been some problems. So, I went to the old Nacho chat by accident, and found this:

What do you guys think of these recent developments? Leave a comment with your new Top 10 choices and on these scandalous photos!


P.S.: Tourney coming tomorrow!

Top 10- YOU Pick!

PRING: CPAC is basically being held together by Playa (thanks bro, I’ll help some more later). But really, no thanks at all to the lazyass new authors. I don’t get why Woton wasted user space on you 8, I mean, you haven’t posted in over a week, maybe 2! Get posting by the beginning of May, or BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Remember.

Oh, and Woton is like, dead.

Hey everyone! Since I’m afraid of going on the limb and making a Top 10 myself, I am introducing a new, temporary, Top 10 system: Top 10 – YOU Pick! Basically, what I will do is take the armies featured in:

  1. recent articles
  2. the last Top 10

and make a list of them. Then, you guys choose the order of these armies in the Top 10, and whichever one is most popular, gets the spot! For example, if 7 people wanted ACP for 1st and 9 wanted Nachos for 1st, Nachos would be the first place army. Remember, until Woton comes back, this will be the system. So, here are this week’s armies.

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Golden Troops
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Watex Warriors
  • Tacos
  • Hot Sauce Army
  • Roman Fire Warriors
  • Doritos of Club Penguin
  • Elites
  • Underground Mafias Army

Choose wisely!


The Nacho Leadership | Suggestions?

Hey everyone! It’s Playa here, once again, posting… I’m really sorry that there has not been a Top 10 or a tourney lately, but this is because only Woton is authorized to create this. If he doesn’t come back soon, I promise there will be some kind of tourney/ major event. :)

Anyway, recently, the Nachos, one of the most dominant armies in this community, has been rapidly declining in size. Most people do not understand why, but it’s gotten to the point where a lot of people believe reform is needed. Currently, the leaders of the Nacho Army are Ads345, Billy Mays, and Linkin, a famed leader who has returned. Tomb, who was an owner rank until recently, has been exposed of attempting to corrupt the current leadership. Basically, what’s going on is like a high school girl fight. Tomb wanted Ads and Billy out of power, so he attempted to get 50 Cent, an infamous Nacho, a leader position. I am not sure whether he received the position or not, but either way, Tomb wanted to displace both leaders. After the Ads and Billy were removed from the Nachos, the leaders of the Nachos would be Cooper, who is currently a Co-General, 50, and ACP Leader Shaboomboom. Here’s the picture that explains it all:

As you can see, all of what I explained above is verified by this picture. Also, today, presumably the most famous and skilled leader in Club Penguin Army History, Person1233, posted this:

Sorry Shab

But … NO. You are not going to become Nacho leader:D

Everyone who wants to be added back, comment on this post with your e-mail (written in the e-mail box), and I’ll be sure to add the people who were taken off.

The last part supposedly means 50 and Tomb’s coupe was not only almost successful but also took off all of the staff on the Nacho site. As things become more clear, we will definitely elaborate on this subject.

Pie, Nacho Co-General –

Tomb asked Billy if he could work on the CSS on the Nacho site by making him an admin. Billy accepted. Then, Tomb added 50 to the website as an admin, and make Billy and Ads editors. On chat, there was a vote if 50 could be leader for 5 days. The majority said “ok”, including the leaders, thinking that they’d keep their leader jobs. But a little while later, Billy and Ads were removed from the site, chat was reset many times, and in the end, 50 was leader. Over night, as the rebellion was building up heat, Shab (Former ACP leader) and Meadow(Former Nacho 2ic) came into the picture, and the rebels had a vote if Shab should be leader. The vote was unanimous, and the leaders were 50, Tomb, and Shab. But in the morning the next day, former Nacho leader Person came on chat, said some mean things to 50, then left and removed everyone off the site. And due to the fact that Person’s laptop broke and his parents are always on the desktop, it might take a while for everyone to get back on the site.

Thank You,

Lastly, I want to ask you guys for any suggestions you might have. This site needs some viewer’s content, and we’d be happy to listen to your thoughts. However, do not beg for us to add you. You can only get added by Woton and it needs to be during job application assessments.


UMA Defeats the… Nachos?! | Y.O.P.: Rising Armies

Hey everyone, Playa here with a short post because he doesn’t have a lot of time :| . Recently, the Nachos have been seen in massive numbers and have won against the RA several times. However, there has been a stunning turn of events. The Underground Mafias Army, once bigger than the Nachos, was kicked out of the Top 10 a few months ago. However, after courageously taking on the Nachos in a head-on battle, they deceived everyone’s thoughts and predictions: they won.

As you might expect, the Nachos would have been bawling and flaming about how they were victorious, but they didn’t. Instead, Leader Billy Mys had this to say:

I can not do anything if you do not want to listen to me and be very good troops and go on CP, But if you do not start going on CP We are going to die off as an army. I need you to be more active NOT go AFK on chat be willing to have a damn good time on CP and have a great time with it to but I need you to help pick up this army.

The UMA posted this on their website:

As you can see, the Nachos had an almost embarrassing size despite their place on the Top 10.

Now, as we can see, there have been quite a few armies on the rise. Some examples or the ElitesDoritos, and the apparently reformed UMA. Lets see what you guys think, and whether or not they should be in the Top 10. Note: This is not a chance for advertisement. All ad comments will be deleted by me.

Comments about Rising Armies:

Diggumsfoaly says – Like I said: things could ho either way. This is a perfect example.
Now given the decline in armies, I estimate UMA will win at least 3 more battles. Nachos may lose up to 15 in a row if they keep getting this many troops.
And I agree, reporters should be posting more! See, if I were one I’d do better! And I’m the laziest person you’ll ever know! Really, don’t take a job you won’t do, besides, what’s the point of having that status if you won’t even use it?
I think the simplest thing to do is to fire the next person who doesn’t at least draft something within the next month.
As for UMA and Nachos, nachos needs more troops. Mabye if acp hadn’t abolished the 24 hour rule. *glares at acp* they could stood a better chance.
That’s approximatly 4 subjects in one comment solved, everyone in a major army you’d better think about this.

Chuckisthe2 says – I have to give Elites some credit. Supperz has been trying really hard to make them rise and he’s been doing a great job. He’s a fine leader and person. Whenever I go on Elites chat it’s always full. They’ve been having some pretty big turnouts also. they deserve to be in the Top 10.

Nasa7 says – Gah, don’t give UMA the spotlight for defeating Nachos. After all the low things they have done, like trying to force WW to merge into them and invading IMAF during a school day, they don’t deserve good publicity.

Now, on my final note, I have a few strong words to share. I am getting very pissed off. I know that I am not the Secondary Head of Site or anything important like that, but the new authors, old authors, and I’m sorry to say Woton are not posting.It is very upsetting to see that you guys do not post. Woton hired you for a reason, and I cannot post every single day. Now, there are disappointed viewers PCing me about how there is a postevery three days. I am especially disappointed in our new authors. Cut the shit and get posting.


P.O.V.: Modern Leaderships (Y.O.P.!)

Hey everyone, Godplayer here! Today, I have the only post I have ever done with one subject :shock: . In a lot of today’s armies, there seem to be Owner rank issues. For example, in the Nachos, the old and somewhat not welcome leaders Gamer and King have attempted to return without current leader permission. In the Watex Warriors, Lucario654 retired from his Leader position and took up an offer for the Army of Club Penguin 2IC position. Speaking of the ACP, Supreme Leader Shaboomboom (also called a dictator) stepped down from his Supreme Leader Role, took the regular leader position, and issued a proclamation giving Iasage56 the position of Supreme Leader. In fact, Oagalthorp posted today on the ACP site complimenting Iasage, and giving some tips on how ACP should take the “upper hand” in today’s falling army situations. Lastly, the IMAF Leader Flippy a.k.a. Slimball retired from IMAF. Today’s P.O.V. and Y.O.P. will voice some of the strongest opinions on the betrayals, new promises, and opinions of course, about the issues and changes.

Interview with Tanzy (Nachos)

How do you feel about Gamer’s and King’s return?
I think it’s good because it will give everyone a boost of morale.

Do you think these returns could be beneficial to the Nachos?
Well they were fired, so no.

Do you think these returns severely affected the Nachos?
In my opinion not really, but to others, possibly.

Interview with (WW)

How do you feel about Luc leaving you for ACP?
Horrible, because WW was just getting good.

How do you feel about Nascar leaving after he recently joined?
In ST he said he was staying for a while so I was expecting it unlike most people.

Do you think WW can recover from it’s current slump?
Yes, we have a couple of ideas in mind but they’re pretty risky.

Interview with Yoda Rulz(ACP)

How do you feel about Shaboomboom stepping down and giving his seat to Iasage?
Very good, I couldn’t believe that Shab was taking the criticism as a leader andshaping the government. 

Do you think this change of leadership will be beneficial to the ACP?
Yes, I think that Ias is a great leader.

Do you like Ias’s or Shab’s leadership more? Why?
I like Ias’s leadership more, Shab was a great leader, but he wasn’t on much.

Note: No IMAF could be reached for comment.

Interview with Nintendocp12 (Neutral)

How do you feel about the Nacho Leader disputes?
I think it’s kinda dumb because Nachos have had these disputes in the past before and they can’t vote to remove a leader?

How do you feel about ACP Leader changes?
The ACP Leader changes haven’t made a size difference in ACP to me, some were bad and some were good.

Do you think either of these changes will affect ALL armies?
Yes because in some armies, their allies depend on leaders. If some armies get a bad leader, they could make their allies into enemies. Also, some armies might get more allies by these changes.

Well, there ya have it guys. Now, I’ve been allowing a lot of Y.O.P.s lately but no one has given a lengthy, thorough response. I’ll try it again, and hopefully there’ll be some good comments :) .

About Nachos:

About Watex Warriors:

Gah, the story of betrayals these days. I guess I could understand Luc’s reasoning, but still, that’s just down-right wrong. Leaving your army because you got a position in the #1 army? Personally if I were WW, I would hate Luc for doing that.

You can’t blame Luc for making WW fall, since he would have obviously retired eventually. The whole ACP thing just sped things up, and also made him look like a douchebag at the same time.

I do believe Luc should have made sure WW wouldn’t fall as soon as he left (and he can’t say he suddenly became uninterested or got a life or something, seeing as how he jumped at the ACP offer), without just leaving them to fend for themselves.

They were close to/actually were 3rd or 4th position on the Top 10, and now they have about 5 people.

WW is falling. Once Luc left everything went downhill. There were more demotions and little promos. Luc got the ACP offer after he retired. I woulnt blame him for taking the offer. I would faint if I got that offer. But I think people decided to follow Luc when he left or just quit. Everyone loosing their motovation to fight. It makes me sad. I think either WW will merge or quickly rise. Also it wasn’t just Luc who made WW fall. The goal was to be 3rd largest army. We reached that goal so everyone really stopped caring.

He kinda did make WW fall, because he is a magical person or something and when he’s on vacation or something, every thing slows down. How does his retirement effect everyone? The retirement of 4 other Owner Ranks apparently.

“Now that I’ve done what I had to do [reaching the 3rd Spot] it’s time for me to retire from armies.”

I think all Armies also includes ACP. That’s the main reason I’m pissed off, he didn’t live to his statement, he basically said, “Screw you WW, Imma lead a bigger and “better” army like ACP instead.”

You know the reason he never retired before even though he wanted to? Because he knew if he did, WW would fall. He cared back then. Now he doesn’t really care at all. Which is really sad, he was one of the greatest leaders of WW, and now he just gave it all up to go play with ACP.

Coincidentally, right before i read Luc’s post, I was gonna retire till Summer, because I thought everything was under control; having full chat almost all the time, 20-30 people at battles. When I saw I had been promoted, I was really surprised, but I knew that it took far longer then it was supposed to take. Heck, if Luc joined right when WW started in January ‘08, it still took me longer to get Leader, because Luc never trusted me. It took me 19 months to get Leader in WW. If Luc joined in January ‘08, and if I’m right, he didn’t, it would or did take him I believe 17 months. And I was completely active for around 12 months of that time…

About Army of Club Penguin:

ACP was ina pickle! A Rebellion popped up called the R.A.P.E causing much stress on Shab. Plus with regular soldiers making a petition/etc. Shab was in a lose-lose situation. He couldn’t get on his computer & he was probably gunna get overthrown. Ias was orignal Leader before, blah blah blah. Shab has been “training” Ias this whole time. I believe Shab is a good man and people thought he was a jerk. Ethier way every Army will have Leadership issues. ACP found a quick way to fix it. (It was being fixed from the begining ;) )

Well, new leadership could be both good or bad depending on how good these leaders are compared to how good they say they are.
Perhaps acp will admit defeat for once, or mabye nachos will allow the leaders to come back and they’ll fail. Let me give an example: in BTCP, teddy, one of the leaders, said he would do a great job of running the army. He actually ended up driving it intot the ground before the others voted to fire him, and after that he still hacked it for a bit. If thats happening in smaller armies, it most possibly will be worse in larger ones. It isnt enough to go on, however, so we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of this.

About IMAF:

Anyway, I think IMAF’s going to have a little problem re-adjusting to life without their founder. Flippy was basically IMAF’s supreme leader. He led most of the battles and took care of most problems within the foundation of the army. Without Flippy, will IMAF remain in their Top Ten position? Only time will tell.