The Nachos Return – Person1233 Overtakes Aka and Jay!

Today, Person1233, previous leader of the Nachos, overthrew Aka and Jay’s leadership. Person has returned as an advisor and will be overseeing the Nachos new leadership that is soon to be elected. Almost all of the Nachos agree with this desicon and many people around the Club Penguin Armies are glad to see Aka and Jay go.

Quoting Person1233:

“The road you were on was straight towards hell. Akabob22 had the “I’m better than everything and everyone,” attitude. This attitude may seem good at first but then you realize, No, he acts like a complete asswipe all the time. The new leadership of the Nachos goal: Don’t act like a complete asswipe (The Akabob rule) Btw, I’m sorry if this posts seems choppy, it’s been a while since I’ve written a formal post for the Nacho army.”

It seems that this might be a new era for the Nachos, who will once again be one of the largest armies in Club Penguin with active troops and strong leaders. So far, the ACP and IW seem very willing to help the Nachos rebuild, since they are much more satisfied with their new leaders.

Quoting Boomer20:

“The future looks bright for the Nachos.”

Boomer’s poll on the ACP site, asking people if they were satisfied with the overthrowing of the previous Nacho leaders, turned out to be over 90% “yes.” I wanted to have YOUR opinion in a similar poll, on completely un-baised ground.

As I’m sure you know, the Nachos used to be a massive army, the largest in all of Club Penguin. They used to dwarf even the 2nd largest army.

I wanted to ask you YOUR opinion on the Nachos growing back to their old size, now that they have a new leadership and system.

Make sure to comment with YOUR opinion on this issue along with if you think the Nachos will grow to their previous size!


The ACP and IW vs the Nachos – The Full Story!

As I’m sure many of you know, the ACP and IW have declared war on the Nachos until they get new leaders, since they are not satisfied with the Nacho’s current ones. The Nachos have had a long history of leadership and, ever since Aka became a leader, they HAVE been falling. When Jay became leader it just seemed to make the matters worse.

  • Aka has been a leader of the Nachos for a long time, but there are quite a few people who say he just isn’t fit to be a leader. Many people have called him “arrogant” and that he “doesn’t know what’s right for the Nachos.” He was a leader before Person1233 and Linkin55, however he got in a lot of arguments with the two during their three way leadership.
  • Jayson was recently made a leader along with Aka, but many people think that this was also a bad decision. There are a lot of people, including people in the Nachos, that do not think Jay is a good leader at all. There are actually a couple of rebellions that have been started against Jay, and a couple against all of the Nachos (mostly their leaders).

Over the last couple of days, the ACP and IW have been invading the Nachos servers, even though the Nachos haven’t been showing up to them on their own decision, and successfully taking them.
The ACP invade Fjord from the Nachos.

The ACP and IW invaded Fjord, White House, Shiver and

Aka and Jayson seem to be stubborn on this matter and it does not look like they’ll be giving up their leadership because the ACP and IW want them to anytime soon. However, is it just the ACP and IW? There have also apparently been some Nacho troops that agree with the ACP and IW. They don’t want their leaders either.

Quoting Dryvit:

“It was not Boomer who decided on this action, but your very own troops at a secret meeting begging for help to oust you. You cannot ban them all. Let the Nachos live AKA, retire or step aside.”

The previous Nacho leader, Person1233, also is completely supporting the ACP and IW on this. He too does not want the current Nacho leaders to continue to lead.

Quoting Person1233:

“Cool! No, seriously. I approve of this so much. Save my old Nachos =D”

We’ll have to see how this war goes! In the mean time, what do YOU think about the Nacho’s leadership?

Comment with YOUR opinion on the Nacho’s leadership and this issue!

Back on the Army!

Hey everyone! I am making this post to announce I WILL post again here, I WILL be active, and I AM back to the Fire Warriors! Woo! Arming again, I really missed it!

I’ll also be at the CPAC chat! See you later guys!


Tacos vs HSA

Iceyfeet Edit: I am asking for EVERYONES HELP! You see, im trying to get my suggestion to be real and I need as many votes as I can. So please follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Make sure your logged in to your xat acount. If you arnt, click log in on the left side
3. Click “vote” on the left side under the number.
4. Spread the word to your friends.

My goal is to get 100+ votes by Saturday, November 21st. Remember, spread the word!

Hello, 381nascar here.

Today 2 rising armies faced off in what I would call a ‘beastly’ battle. The war was up-and-down, each army having a time when they were winning. Enough talk, let’s get to the good stuff…

The battle began with armies regrouping/making a line on each side of the forts;


After the war officialy started, HSA kicked things off with a J-bomb;


HSA, deciding to be rather relentless, keeps up with the charge;


Tacos try to break a weak HSA line;


A few minutes later, the HSA try to make the Tacos scatter by charging their group;


Tacos try to rebound by charging, after a while it was hard to tell who made the original move!


Random stuff. Tacos beginning to form a group by the chat bar;


Tacos are J-bombing while the HSA try to ‘fart’ they’re way out of it;


HSA continues with a rather strong ‘toot’, while the Tacos are attempting a weak charge;


In this image, I was truly puzzled! Who’s line is it?


These last few pics are from the chat’s of both armies; (Both had a full chat =D )


Taco Chat




HSA Chat 2

What a great fight!

-My Report-

This was some great battle, I must say. It looked like HSA had a slight number advantage into the battle, but the Tacos had some great moves/tactics. In the end, I had no choice. I couldn’t decide! So, why not let the viewers decide? Who do YOU think won?

Make sure to comment with your thoughts and why, and think about this question:

If HSA ‘won’, what place should they be in the Top Ten?

If Tacos ‘won’, what place should they be in the Top Ten?

Back on the Army!

Hey everyone! I am making this post to announce I WILL post again here, I WILL be active, and I AM back to the Fire Warriors! Woo! Arming again, I really missed it!

I’ll also be at the CPAC chat! See you later guys!


Club Penguin Crew: Start to Finish

This post will bring you through the story of the Club Penguin Crew, an army that started and ended in a matter of months, yet was able to make a large impact while it was here. This post includes information on how the Club Penguin Crew started, what conflicts it caused, what conflicts it faced, how it ended, and an exclusive interview with Jeepkid7, founder and final leader of the Club Penguin Crew.

Jump to these Sections:

  1. Beginning
  2. Conflict First Starts
  3. The Club Penguin Crew Restarts
  4. War Begins On A Larger Scale
  5. The End
  6. Interview With Jeepkid7
  7. Closing Statements


The Club Penguin Crew was founded in early September 2009, by Jeepkid7. So who was Jeepkid? Jeepkid ran a Club Penguin cheats/news website, and was able to get penguins to join his army from that website. From there, he was able to gain more recruits, and the Club Penguin Crew was already a match for the top three armies. But this prosperity would soon end, because the Club Penguin Crew would face some trouble in the near future.

Conflict First Starts

Near the end of October, an alliance called “Ze Alliance” popped up. This consisted of Ice Warriors, IMAF, Watex Warriors, Fire Warriors, and a few other armies. These armies were angry at the Club Penguin Crew, and especially Jeepkid7, who they thought of as arrogant, and claimed that he had no respect for other armies. Jeepkid, however, said that these armies were only afraid of CPC’s potential to become much larger than them, so they grouped together to defeat them.

The Club Penguin Crew Restarts

On November 1st, Jeepkid7 surrendered to Ze Alliance. He said in a post, “…any 1 army that goes up against 5 of the top 10 armies is going to end up being either outnumbered and defeated or forced to surrender.” Later that same day, Jeepkid retired (from both the army and his cheats blog) and gave his position as leader to Droopako. The other army leaders liked this because they did not think Droopako was as bad or rude as Jeepkid, and all of Jeepkid’s fans left… leaving behind only those who actually cared about the army.

A little more than a week later, Jeepkid7 came back as CPC’s leader again, while removing Droopako’s retirement post, saying it was “…because it was a useless “quitting the army” post. Real leaders don’t quit an army, they retire. And when they retire, they make a retirement post longer then 1 paragraph full of nonsense.”

War Begins On A Larger Scale

The Club Penguin Crew had a battle with the Hot Sauce Army, but found that Boomer sent ACP members in HSA uniform to aid them. The Club Penguin Crew still declared that they won, and it is after this battle that ACP officially declared war on the Club Penguin Crew. These were the reasons given:

  • The Crew does not follow the rules of Club Penguin Warfare
  • They are not a true army
  • They show no respect toward any other armies who have worked hard for their position in armies
  • They planned to invade all small armies and work their way up until they own all servers in Club Penguin

Though “Ze Alliance” was at war with CPC before, now it was a much larger alliance… practically ALL the major armies, plus about 50 small armies.

The End

Jeepkid7 surrendered to Ze Alliance on November 12, but the ACP still planned to go on with the massive invasion, because they believed the Jeepkid wouldn’t “learn his lesson” if they left before a single battle. However, the next day, November 13, Jeepkid officially quit the Club Penguin Crew, and closed it down for good. At the end of hist post, he signed off with this:

He was a penguin on a mission with a purpose, that purpose will live on forever… Jeepkid7

ACP will still be going on with the invasion, just to see the size of all those armies combined, and also to “make the servers neutral”. Also, the Club Penguin Crew websitenow redirects to Penguin Expert, a cheats site run by his friend Monkeydude.

Interview with Jeepkid7

The following is an interview I had with Jeepkid7. Anything he said is in red, and what I said is in bold.

What were your thoughts when practically every major army started to declare war on Club Penguin Crew?

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. I believed that, also I believed all of the armies saw the potential of the CPC and decided to try and end us soon.

Was it true that you attempted to take down all the major armies, but shifted to only armies 6-10 on the list after ACP threatened to get involved?

No, as I said before, I planned to take down armies for encouragement and to have some fun and become active with the army. But, other major armies took it as if we were doing something wrong.

Do you think that the other armies were wrong to continue the war after you surrendered?

Not necessarily. It’s their choice to do what they want with their armies. But, because the Crew has ended, the servers no longer belong to us. In respect, I would think they should leave the war and move on.

Why did you close the Club Penguin Crew?

As for the Club Penguin Crew Army, it will end here without a new leader. I am sorry for this, but there are reasonings. First off, since my blogs are self hosted, I would have to keep paying for the blog. Also, if someone posts a bad image… The blog can become suspended and I can get into tons of trouble. To solve all of these problems, the Crew ends here.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you.


Closing Statements

The Club Penguin Crew has definitely made a large impact on Club Penguin armies while it was still alive. It was a very large army, and if it had not been stopped by every other army, had potential to becoming a great army. I would like to wish Jeepkid7 the best of luck in his future.

Comment on your opinions on Club Penguin Crew, and anything else mentioned in this post.

– Amitc87,
Secondary Head of Site of Club Penguin Army Central

Happy Veterans Day / Official Chat Release / Fall Scavenger Hunt Winners!

I’m sure as many of you know, today is Veterans Day! For those of you that don’t know what it is, Veterans Day an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Veterans that may have died at war or veterans that ares still alive today. Today is a day to remember people that have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today. Everything that you see around Club Penguin Armies today was created by someone. Those are the people that we have to remember.


When people think of some of the biggest people that have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today, usually some of these names come up: Ogalthorp, Iceyfeet1234, Person1233, Batista1822, Shadow2446, Commando717 and Pink Mafias.

I’d like YOU to comment with your top couple of legends or people that you think have made Club Penguin Armies what they are today!

Official Chat Release:

The CPA Central chat has officially been released! Make sure to go there to chat with the staff of CPA Central, leaders from all other armies and soldiers just like you!


The Chat Ranks are as following:

cpacowner Main Owner: Woton, Amit87, Pringle64 and Iceyfeet1234.

cpacowner Owner: Kong236, Alighf, Nakib, Donut67890, TyloV5 and 381nascar.

cpacmod Moderator: Leaders of armies only from the Top 10 Armies list.

cpacmember Member: Everyone!

You can view the chat rules and chat page by clicking HERE!

Fall Scavenger Hunt Winners:

Okay everyone, this was a really confusing Scavenger Hunt and I’m sorry to people that got here later than others, but here’s the thing.

So basically a lot of people got mixed up and posted maybe one number wrong and then responded to it later than the next person posted a correct comment. Argh, confusing.

First Place Winner: Red Turtle35! Congratulations!

Second Place Winner: 2009cp! Congratulations!

Third Place Winner: Rugrat93! Congratulations!

  • Red Turtle35, you have been added to the site as an author and will also get added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.
  • 2009cp, you can leave a comment with the name and link to the army of your choices site and it will be next week’s army of the week! You will also be added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.
  • Rugrat35, you will get added to the V.I.P. Page when it is soon released.

Good job to everyone that tried! There will be many more contests in the future! Also for those of you that didn’t win, there will be an Author Application within the next week, which means that you will be able to apply to become an author on CPA Central!

Also, the Halloween Decorations are being taken down and the site is being updated with new graphics! Make sure to check them out!

Comment with YOUR top legends and people that you think have made a difference in Club Penguin Armies!