Top 10 Weekly Armies / UMA vs WW – You Decide!

This week has had one of the perhaps most arguable shifting positions on the Top 10 List. I’m sure that by next week this list will have changed, and I’m sure that lots of people will disagree with this list, but here it is:

  1. Nachos: Started off the week with the FW merging into them. Had a successful training session. Then went to war with SPAAF and SWAT – beat them. Pringle64 retired, leaving his position to Trickster.
  2. ACP: Scheduled a huge PB with ACP, Nachos, IW and UMA that never actually happened. Got in a little argument with UMA. Had a promotion day. Beat BP in a battle with only one of their divisions, Echo. Are at war with the “Ice Ninjas.”
  3. IW: Are defiantly at a steep incline and will soon be a World-Power. Started off the week with a promotion day. Had a fairly epic training session. Declared war on the RPF. Tied with the Nachos in an unscheduled PB.
  4. UMA: Have been at war the entire week and are definitely growing. Started off the week with a Promotion Day. Invaded Yeti and Summit and won. Got in an argument with ACP about the “World Wide PB.”  Defended Mittens from SWAT. Beat RPF at Yukon. Declared war on WW. Had a huge battle with WW.
  5. DT: Had recruiting session then defeated BP in a war. Had a large battle today that both sides think they won at.
  6. BP: Had an unscheduled victory against IMAF. Either lost of tied in a PB with the ACP Echo Division. Nothing much.
  7. IMAF: Have only had 3 posts the entire week. Actually did absolutely nothing really.
  8. ST: Got a couple of new owner ranks. Pretty much un-knowns. Nothing much really.
  9. Reds: The Golds/DW changed their name to SWAT due to their site being deleted at the beginning of the week and by the end of it had already changed/merged into the Reds. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
  10. RPF: As you know, the RPF fell a bunch when Commando quit and then slowly rose a little bit. Due to their numerous defeats against by UMA this past week, they fell a bunch more.

Army of the Week

The Purple Heads


Today the WW and UMA engaged in an epic battle.

They charge our line but fails epicly :lol:

So the line got bored and we frenzy the whole Dock :P

Frenzy's are so good

Both armies regroup and you can tell UMA is way bigger!

We so own =P

Both armies say that they won and, judging by their pictures, it’s hard to tell who did.

Who do YOU think won the battle?

Who do YOU think won the WW vs UMA battle?
 I’m not sure…


Make sure to comment saying why you voted for what you did!

Coming up next – is IW a World Power?


BP v.s. ACP Results/Who do you think won?

Well here are the BP vs. ACP Results:
Well Both armies are unorganized so hard to tell in this pic lol Well Both armies are unorganized so hard to tell in this pic lol
Both Armies Charge Each Other Both Armies Charge Each Other
ACP=Unorganized BP=Makes a Curvy Line ACP=Unorganized BP=Makes a Curvy Line
Ugh  Idk whats going on here Ugh Idk whats going on here
BP has an ownage line, while ACP is just everywhere BP has an ownage line, while ACP is just everywhere
Both Armies Charge Epicly :cool: Both Armies Charge Epicly
ACP Fails To Charge Cause You Can't Go Under Chat Bar :lol: ACP Fails To Charge Cause You Can’t Go Under Chat Bar
Well both kind of unorganized, but atleast BP tried to make a line Well both kind of unorganized, but atleast BP tried to make a line
BP Charges with Epic! BP Charges with Epic!
ACP Fails To Charge Cause They Cannot Go Under Chat Bar :roll: ACP Fails To Charge Cause They Cannot Go Under Chat Bar:roll:

Well thats the end of this Pb. Even though both armies were pretty unorganized, BP did use more tactics than ACP did. They also were smarter and knew how to get around ACP. ACP was all over the place, they we unorganized, they barley used any Tactics. And this is only ACP Echo Division I think. But comment what you think. Also comment if you were there and have pictures. I’ll add some.

How to Declare a War!(Introducing Dount67890)

Hey guys well I am new to the team and I have a lot of experience in Club Penguin Armies. I have been in many armies also high ranked in- Nachos,ACP,TAGP,UMA,FW,IW,DW,IMAF and many many many more.

Now time for the news…

Somtimes people on chat PC (Private Chat) me on a Club Penguin armies chat linking me to their website and asking to join. I would always look at the site to check it out anyway even if I don’t join. But when I go to some of these sites some say this:

Title: War (PB) with ACP

Description: Today we will be have a war (PB) with ACP. I want us to try our hardest to defeat the ACP so I expect about 30 people at this event (usually only 3 come). So when we win I will give you all promotions.

Well when I look at the site a few days later I see that it says on their site we have defeated ACP time for promos or something random. Usually it is because the army is clueless that they have declared war on them.

Tips on how to declare a war:

  • Comment on the armies site
  • Talk to the leader on chat and arrange a time
  • Private chat a leader and say ”look at my website we are having a PB”

Its not really a fair war if you don’t tell the army about the event its most likely that the army would win. Please remember these tips if you are starting out in Club Penguin armies. They army leader wont just happen to come across you site and say. ”Oh they are having a war ok then”


CPA Central Staff

Raise Your Hand if You’re Imaature!

The last couple of posts have been about the UMA War and they will continue to be since that’s the main thing that’s going on in Club Penguin armies right now.

The focus of this post is the 4th largest army position.

I think that people are just blowing it off. You see, the 4th largest army spot is different than the 5th largest army spot and any spot after that. The 4th largest army spot is where you go from major army to major army with a lot of influence. Trust me. Having lead the FW and seen them risen from nowhere on the Top 10 List to the 3rd (then back to 4th) largest army position, I can tell you that there is a huge difference. And I feel that people aren’t taking it seriously.

Army rankings aren’t what they used to be. You used to have to work to get your army rank. They used to be something that symbolized your respect and power in the Club Penguin army community. Now all you have to do is post a picture on your site with you having 10+ people at a battle forming a line and suddenly you’re the 4th largest army in Club Penguin.

If you really want my opinion, I think WW deserve the position. They’re about the same size as UMA (don’t argue with me about this one:?) but they also have something that none of the other competing armies have. RESPECT. For the last couple of months they’ve sat at the 5th largest army spot keeping it warm but never really settling into it. They’ve been close behind FW, IW, ACP and Nachos for a while now so (even if UMA may be slightly larger) I honestly don’t think it’s anyone’s place to take the 4th largest army spot away from them just because they have a sudden (maybe temporary) growth spurt.

The other thing is that WW is completely mature, while (no offense) a lot of other armies have been being pretty immature. While UMA’s slightly harsh criticism may add fuel to the war and SWAT’s mostly unnecessarily harsh criticism may add fuel to UMA’s fire, the WW have remained calm and kept the fire from burning too much. They always have too. They aren’t jumping about trying to find new ways to criticize their enemy and promote themselves, they just know that (even if they lose a battle here and there) they’ll still around to tell the tale.

If I could have any advice for the armies right now. I’d tell WW to go put itself in it’s much deserved 4th largest army position, for UMA to wait it out in the 5th largest army position and for SWAT to try to see if it can hold onto it’s position on the Top 10 Army list altogether (they have Nachos and UMA at war with them and so far they haven’t even posted any evidence on their site that they’re still around).

We’ll definitely have to wait and see what happens!

Practice War Pre-Battle Report

Woton’s Edit: Naw, man. You did fine! I get plenty of criticism on my posts too. Actually, I think your post is great!

Nascar’s Edit: Wow sounds like I did horrible. Delete it if you want…

Hello, visitors. I’m 381nascar, secondary Pre-Battle-Reporter.

Battle Analysis:

After doing a little “site-surfing”, observating, and using my own knowledge, I have came up with a conclusion on who will win the Practice War and why. First of all, there is something a bit un-even about the 1st Largest army (The Nachos, in my opinion) and the 3rd largest army (IW) against the 2nd Largest army (ACP) and the 5th Largest army (UMA). IW and the Nachos have the advantage, but after looking through recent ACP battle pictures, I decided I wasn’t so sure of my guess on who would win, nor my 1st Largest Army opinion. Take a look at a few pictures from about a week ago copied from ACP site:




Quite large, I must say. I didn’t quite realize the ACP was that big.

Who will win:

Dispite the information that made me second guess myself, I still predict the IceWarriors and the Nachos will take the victory. Why you ask? Read on…

Reasons Why:

First of all, the IW can outnumber the UMA by a mile, and the Nachos and the ACP are normally around even, Nachos having a slight lead. Next, the Ice Warriors and the Nachos are pretty much sure to flow together. Where as the ACP and UMA may look like they are fightning against eachother if they can’t resolve things. Since IW and Nachos will flow well together, their tactics will be better. I look at tactics as one of the biggest factors of who wins a battle, along with number of troops. The ACP and UMA sites also look less organized, to me anyway. That could result in some troops missing the post with times and dates.


I believe the Ice Warriors and the Nachos will take the win over the UMA and the ACP for various reasons such as Tactics, Number of Troops, Organization, and Army Flow. That’s it for today,


This Sure is Some Sexy War!

There’s a ton of stuff going on right now in Club Penguin armies and most of it is exactly what we wanted! Everyone’s been saying that we need some sort of big war and that’s pretty much what we’ve got.  UMA, RPF, SWAT, WW and even ACP are all tangled up in this huge war. Here’s pretty much what’s happened:

  • RPF tries to take over the UMA Nation, but fails.
  • UMA invades RPF’s server, Tuxedo, and wins.
  • UMA invades RPF’s servers, Summit and Yeti, an wins.
  • UMA invades RPF’s server, Yukon and wins.
  • UMA criticizes ACP’s “War for Fun” thing and they both get really pissed.
  • Coming up soon: WW will try to invade UMA’s server, Tuxedo.
  • Coming up soon: SWAT will try to invade UMA’s server, Mittens.

Okay, so people aren’t exactly being super nice to each other, but what did you honestly expect? War isn’t about “fun.” It’s is in some ways, but it’s more about beating the crap out of another army. And the amazing thing is, people have pretty much kept this war to themselves! For the last while, every time we had even a minor war everyone had to get involved in it. It’s was really annoying.

This war has been really great though! Sure, some other armies are trying to invade UMA too, along with RPF, but it’s not like before. It’s not like all of the armies in Club Penguin are all piled on top of each other in two piles that try to battle it out in one single battle and both fail epically. RPF, WW and SWAT aren’t really ganging up on UMA. They all just have their own disagreements with it and are each fighting them in their own battle. It’s not like they’re all ganging together to fight UMA in one huge battle, so that UMA has to bring some allies in to support itself, which pretty much starts the entire bull-shit war scenario.

I think all of the armies are doing a fairly good job about not being immature about this and fighting fair, but I want to know YOUR opinion:

Do YOU think UMA will continue to prevail over WW and SWAT as it did over RPF?


Make sure to comment telling me why you voted for what you did! Let’s get the conversation flowing!

Who’s the Stubborn One – ACP or UMA?

This is going to be a fairly short post; all I want to do is present two sides of a situation and see what your opinion is:

So here’s pretty much what happened:

  • ACP schedules a “Practice War” pitting themselves and UMA vs Nachos and IW. Obviously, IW is larger than UMA, which means that (in ACP’s opinion) ACP is larger than the Nachos.
  • UMA gets upset because (in their opinions) the Nachos are larger than ACP and IW are larger than themselves. They write a post criticizing the ACP and demanding the teams to be switched.
  • ACP writes a post saying that they are larger than the Nachos and that they refuse to switch the teams.

So here’s my question: Who do YOU think is being the stubborn one?

ACP: Who refuse to switch the teams or admit that they are smaller than the Nachos.


UMA: Who want to switch the teams because they might lose to the Nachos and IW.

Who do YOU think is being the stubborn one?
Both of them…


(please note that none of the above accusations of stuborness reflect my opinion)

Make sure to comment saying WHY you voted for what you did!